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A concept, an aesthetic, and a worldview that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the cycle of growth and decay.

This is a recent picture from a few weeks ago. It’s been month since I could make a fist with my left hand. I’ve tried, but all I could do is slightly curl my fingers, that was all. When I gently wrapped my fingers with my other hand, helping it to make a fist, I could only go so far and you could literally hear the bones grinding against either other. The sound alone was painful to hear not to mention the actual feeling. Sometimes my hand got stuck in an awkward painful cramp, until it finally snapped into action. Either into the desired direction or back to the way it was before the attempt. It was always painful, but I had to try. It was scary times for sure, losing control, your life, especially when my right hand started to show similar symptoms. And then eventually it happened and I could make a fist again. So what happens?

I’ve kept quiet thinking it might be some fluke, a good day where the universe had finally heard my prayers. The last thing I needed was to jinx it. I almost didn’t believe it myself, but more and more days followed, good days, still painful to make a fist, but days when I could do it. That in itself was a miracle to me. I’m by no means out of the woods, but I can’t help but contemplate about what contributed to it. And feel pretty darn blessed, empowered, and proud that I have kept my vision and never gave up. That I believed and surrendered my swords to love and faith. You know how the universe answers your prayers based on your thoughts? Well today I believe that I am experiencing remission and it just has to be this way. I’m thinking it, I believe it and the universe will do the rest.

I think some of the things that helped me getting her is that I stopped fighting against it. That I let my resistance and fear fall to the wayside. Mostly and whenever I could. Some things are simply out of our control and I recognized this as such a thing. I accepted the imperfections, the growth and the decay, no matter how hard it was. I tried to find the beauty in the lessons and the imperfections of life, in Wabi-sabi.

I stopped drinking out of plastic cups for the most part. I need to get a new metal bottle for when I hike since my old one started to leak, but I made changes.

I do have my copper gloves I wear here and there. They soothe my hands and feel comfortable but I can’t credit them to alleviating stiffness in the morning.

I don’t type as much on the computer and sometimes days go by before I get to your comments. I don’t like that part but I can’t force it when I’m dealing with the pain and thank you for understanding. You already know that I always come around again when I can to catch up and to see what you’ve been up to.

Ibuprofen helps with inflammation and pain but is not your friend. What a weird concept. You feel better but more damage is done in the meantime. On an autoimmune protocol ibuprofen and aspirin is a no go, and I only take it if I absolutely need to now. There used to be a time I needed to take it every night just to get a decent pain manageable amount of sleep.

I cut out sugar and sugar substitutes and sweeten with honey.

I eat less inflammatory foods.

I have become more mobile and have gone from hardly being able to walk in December to managing 8 miles on a good day.

I have become a energy healer and have gotten my Reiki Master certificate amongst some others. I am calm most days unless you invade my privacy on the trail and fly a drone over me to film me. Sorry side note but true example of poor trail Etikett. Can you believe it? Yep that happened to me this week… my words “Do you mind?” Gee

I have been lucky being able to listen to my body and allowing it time to heal. To not get sucked up in a physical job and to have had all this time off to really mend myself and look after myself. It’s been a long, painful process, but it’s been a journey where much was learned and the lessons are not yet over. This time taught me just how strong we can be and how extraordinary yet fragile the human spirit is. How easily the balance can tip and things turn to chaos and being out of whack.

My blog has definitely helped me by connecting to other kindred spirits and extraordinary souls. I am blessed to have crossed paths with you. I could never thank you enough and I hope you know what you mean to me.

Plus another powerful and most amazing gift is that I receive healing and love from other powerful healers and a very special shaman that sends me their light and love every day. I couldn’t have done it without you.

These are just a few things that come to mind and really it is a collection of many things. Maybe it is my guardian angels watching out for me. Attending the full moon celebrations, releasing energies that no longer serve me and weigh me down. Maybe it is setting new goals and intentions during the full moon and manifesting such throughout the month. I am sure it is the healing power of crystals and without a doubt it is inner peace and quieting the turmoil we so often find ourselves in. It is following my passion of turning my crafts into a business, of bringing something special to the table, a sense of belonging and being needed. It is being loved and appreciated. It is having purpose. So where do you find all these things you might wonder? Life is not perfect and never will be, but most of it is a matter of your perception and how you react to those moments. If you see a lesson or just another downfall. If you feel the victim or embrace the cards you are dealt with. You don’t have to like it one bit and believe there are still things I don’t like and need to change, but I will continue to try and make the best out of these situations. Maybe tomorrow I take a step for the worst, but I’m not even going to through this thought out into the universe because today I celebrate the achievements I have made in claiming my life back. And so can you…

Namaste ❤️


Who am I, and why I write. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I am the one, holding on to the silver lining when the skies are gray. I’m a believer that nothing is coincidence, but that everything has purpose. I’ve made my mistakes, don’t we all, but I see them as growing pains and they are a part of who I am today. I have lost myself in order to find myself, and I still do from time to time, but in a good way. I’m a big child who laughs until my belly hurts when life wants to be serious. Career wise: I’ve been there, done that, and I took “The jump” off the hamster wheel in an effort to change my future. I didn’t land all that soft, but I can say that I’m still proud to have found the courage to do it. Coming full circle, I had it all, and yet I was lonely and had nothing. Today I choose to be a collector of moments and I chase memories, instead of the material stuff. Less is more, and the motto is quality over quantity. You’d be amazed at how freeing it can be. I see myself as a free spirit that believes in an unconventional lifestyle. Somehow I go against the grain most of the times, not to rebel, but because it feels right to stay true to my unique and authentic self. It takes courage, and you often stand alone, but if you dare, you soon realize that it is the only way if you don’t want to lose who you are. Just like most, my past wasn’t easy and I come from a life that didn’t always give me the opportunity to be heard. Few related and even fewer cared to take the time. But that’s the past and it’s history, the future hasn’t happened and the “NOW” is truly all we ever have. In the end we all have a story to tell, and we all seek to be understood. We all yearn to be heard and accepted and still life is hard and our path is full of stumbling blocks. If we can see the lessons in adversity we may realize that the toughest moments are often our greatest teachers. There is a reason for the saying that the stars can’t shine without darkness, and it might be darkness that will show you the light.
It took a series of (un)fortunate events, to learn to glow through the pain, to learn how to dance in the rain. I believe in Magic and wonder, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As an empath this old soul often feels a little too much, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Today, I am here to tell my story because I believe that it can help others. It is my hope to bring inspiration and strengths to you, while showing you that it can be done. I know you are out there, and I know you are suffering in silence. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and your voice is being heard loud and clear. Hang on and be strong, transformation is yours. 
In light and love....Rhapsody Bohème 💙🦋

18 thoughts on “Wabi-sabi

  1. You are doing so well, Rhapsody ❤
    It isn't funny to fight against an auto-immune illness, I know. Some days feel like heaven and others not.
    5 years ago I got an advice from a medical doctor about my hands. He told me to go and buy clean paraffin in either an orthopedic shop or in a pharmacy. It is packed and need a pot for melting it. When it is melted and cool a little, you need to be able to have your hands in the temperature, you pouring it over in a bowl. Before you start, you need to have two small towels or tea towels and two plastic bags fitting your hands. Those can be reused many times.
    Then you dip one hand to the wrist in the paraffin, one or two times, the paraffin need to make a layer on your hand, place the hand in the plastic bag and the towel outside. Then the other hand. Maybe you will need to do it by two times for both hands. Sit in at 5-10 minutes with each hand.
    When you end, you pull most possible of the paraffin back in the pot for reusing. I started buying two packets to be sure to have enough for the process. It isn't expensive.
    The warm paraffin helps to get warm hands and warm up the bones with less pain.
    Do this morning and evening. This has helped me more than you can imagine. Even more in the winter, when it is cold and more difficult to get started in the morning. I use it now, when I get hit by those flares.
    Much love to you, dear friend ❤

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    1. Thank you son much for this wonderful piece of advice. I will surely keep it close to my heart and try it out when needed. Thank you son much for sharing this. Knock on wood, my hands have been better and I truly believe that I am experiencing a form of remission. That doesn’t mean it can’t strike back at any moment.
      Thank you again. SOS special to me. ❤️

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  2. Your words are deeply inspiring and profoundly spiritual. Your acceptance, humility, and understanding tell me that you have been gifted a power by the Cosmos ~ perhaps it’s a power to heal the tortured souls of those of us who suffer from other than a physical malady. Your words soothe my psyche.
    I am glad that you are in recovery from arthritis , and that you have regained some mobility.
    You will be in my prayer tonight, and at this instant I am thinking warm thoughts of you.
    You will always be close to my heart.

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    1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your words Jack. And I am beyond grateful for you and that you find meaning in my words. It what makes it all worthwhile.
      I am exploring my options as a energy healer and know it will be an important part of my future. Reiki and a positive mind frame has made a big difference for me and I hope to pass on this gift to as many as possible in the near future.
      Much love to you my dear friend. Thank you for being you and for being in my life. ❤️❤️


  3. My dearest dearesttt Rhapsody!
    You’re always inspiring and full of positivity, you radiate positive vibes even when you’re down or going through a tough situation, and those are all qualities that I absolutely love ( and have missed) about you.

    I pray that you feel better soon, I know it could be hard and challenging, but you’re an amazingly strong lady and nothing, NOTHING can be too hard for you not to overcome.

    I believe in you and i hope from the bottom of my soul that you feel better!
    Love you xx

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    1. Thank you so much for believing in me. This means so much and sometimes makes all the difference. Having someone believe in you when times are tough is a lifesaver and great motivation.
      It’s been a hard and challenging road but there has been much progress and my heart is beyond grateful and full.
      Thank you so much for being there and for staying in contact with me. You are a blessing in my life.
      Much love to you.

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  4. Beautifully spoken dear lady. It is a very big journey and the most important part you spoke of clearly. It is how you approach it, facing each part to see who it is that is facing it. Understanding the pain but still having the courage to take those steps, believe in what you wish to become and taking that path.
    The only thing missing is a celebratory hug for achieving the impossible by doing the one thing that impossible cannot fight…it is in that belief of self and taking a hold of the love that you are.
    Big ‘gentle’ hug my friend, may you always skip, dance and sing along your trails ❤️

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    1. I loved the hug Mark, thank you so much. I know you understand the struggles of “getting here” and there were times I didn’t think it to be possible, but the human spirit and what we an achieve, the power reserves we hold when we need them is nothing short of amazing and it blew me away, right alongside experiencing it all myself.
      Wishing you the best in your journey and may this story stand example and proof that anything is possible, no mater how impossible it seems at times. Big love to you. ❤️

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  5. it is inspiring to read of your success and the easing of your symptoms, Rhapsody. And a lot to learn here: about appreciation of improvements as they happen, recognition and acceptance, and the importance, not just of the physical, but of mental attitude. In my experience, anger and self-pity only have negative consequences. I have found that, yes, positive outlook and action, with persistence and patience are the way forward.

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    1. You have summed it all up in your comment Steve and it truly is the foundation and basis of making it happen. I know first hand how challenging it can be and if I had to work and wasn’t in a position financially to ride this out, who knows where this would have ended. There is more work to be done but if I think back to where I was only a few month ago, you can’t even compare the two and it’s like night and day. Patience is key, as well as persistence. Best wishes always for you my friend. Hugs

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  6. What a lovely post…
    Oh my sister, you are making such great changes. I know your life will give you joy.
    I need to get my life back too… Something is not the way it should be for me. I take some inspiration from your journey. Be well. 🙏❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you son much my sister. You know it’s been a tough road but I am also prime example that it can be done. And so will you. I am sorry you are struggling right now but I believe in you and things will turn around soon. Stay strong and know that I am here if you need me. You got this. ❤️❤️❤️ Much love to you.


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