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Spirituality and Buddhism

I think more and more people are seeking. I see more and more support groups sprouting up everywhere and everybody is trying to get aboard. More and more are looking for something that is fulfilling and meaningful to their life in order to cope with the demands of day to day stresses. Making ends meet, being employed and having a career is no longer enough. Being successful at whatever level you might define it is no longer enough. What is required is a balance, an outlet, a belief that often reflects in wisdom, spirituality, and some sort of awakening.

There are light workers and healers, people that need a purpose of belonging, a desire to rise above the mundane, to feed the need of wanting to contribute and help.

I have noticed a hunger for wisdom to escape the ordinary and to leave the conventional behind. Everyone is awakening at some level as if to claim that they have escaped the wormhole and made it. Long taught virtues, principles and customs no longer fit the modern hectic world that demands so much more in our current times. We need validation, we need to know that we are on course and that the chaos we are feeling at times is normal and part of the human condition. So perhaps holding on to something makes us feel worthy and makes the struggles worthwhile.

These can be confusing times, especially when it comes to our belief system, our faith and who we worship. How can we be Christians and also believe in Native American wisdom? How can we relate to Buddhism if we are raised in different corners of the world, perhaps under strict catholic guidelines? Do we feel guilty as if we have stayed from our god, seeing value in different religions?

I found a statement from Thich Nhat Hanh on Omnism which is the recognition and respect of all religions.

He said that there is a misconception that Buddhism is a religion and that you worship Buddha. Buddhism is a practice, like Yoga, you can be a Christian and practice Buddhism. I met a catholic priest who lives in a Buddhist monastery in France. He told me that Buddhism makes him a better Christian. I love that.


We are the co-creators of our life and the time is now. More than ever are we needed to support Mother Earth and each other. Together we discover and explore our unique gifts in times of strengths, in times we lean on each other, and in times when we learn from each other. This blog started as an outlet and what I ultimately called my “Warriors Journey.” It was a way to document the ups and downs of my life, sharing my hardships as well as my successes. It showcased the struggles, but more important the ways of how to overcome them. Although we are warriors each and every day, I realized that having to be a warrior, comes from a place of pain. I decided to rename this blog, and “Phoenix Rising” now stands for the story of overcoming such a painful place. My motivation for this blog hasn’t changed and I hope to share inspiration and hope, to create a sense of belonging, a space of being heard, and connecting with like minded beings who instill a sense of oneness. We are never alone, and we are unstoppable in the pursuit of what sets our soul on fire. Who I am in a nutshell... 
I am an energy healer and Reiki Master. I am surviving a chronic disease that I’ve sent into remission three times since my initial bout, 15 years ago. I continuously challenge the status quo and by doing so I change my stars. I am a believer that anything is possible. I am a hopeless romantic and I believe that true love exists on various levels. I am an optimist that will always see the glass as half full. I am a dreamer, believing in endless possibilities. Not even the sky is the limit. I have jumped off of the hamster wheel, and I am writing a new chapter. I am chasing my Nirvana to support my most authentic self. This is my story, I am that Phoenix and I am rising from the ashes. Namaste 🙏🏼💙🦋

32 thoughts on “Spirituality and Buddhism

  1. Wonderful post! Thich Nhat Hanh is totally right, but the Buddhadharma does function on its own and in its own right without any other religions. It is a both and situation. Let Buddhism surprise you with its simple and profound wisdom.


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    1. Oh it already has and I believe that is what I relate to and love so much about it. The simplicity that makes sense and the reminder to take pleasure in the small things. Less is more for me these days and through it I have become a richer person. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and for visiting.


      1. Your post made me think a lot about how difficult it is to be humble with spirituality. I think it’s beautiful that there are shared signposts that we all can be sure is along the way. We can get new eyes over and over !

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      2. Beautifully said and pointed out. I completely agree, although I usually have no problem being humble about my spiritual experiences. Perhaps it is because the amount of people to share it with is limited and often we find ourselves on different levels.

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  2. Agree wholeheartedly! Had to share this quote from my reading today since it seemed to tie in… “We must listen to what is supporting us. We must listen to what is encouraging us. We must listen to what is urging us. We must listen to what is alive in us.” (Richard Rohr). None of those things come necessarily from a pulpit or a holy book… they come from inside. Truth speaks to US. It is encouraging that more and more people are taking the time to listen! Great post.

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    1. I loved what you said and shared here with me and that quote is priceless. i am a sucker for quotes and this one will resonate with me for a long time. Like I said I think more and more people are searching, leaning on each other and finding help through inspiration and sharing our experiences. Thank you for sharing yours. Best wishes.


  3. Very true, Rhapsodyl you have clearly articulated the “modern” condition, where many are seeking and don’t know what they are looking for. The Buddhist group I go to is led by Sisters who studied under Thich Nhat Hanh. There are other schools which are more strict in terms of traditional Buddhism, but I prefer the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that comes from his Plum Village Sanghas.

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  4. I love this post!
    You are not wrong, people are now searching for more in life than just the everyday necessities. I for one have been on a spiritual journey, my own personal awakening. Triggered by negative forces in my life, a want to be less of a worrier, to let peace take over when I know I can’t change the things that I can’t control.
    I think if many more people opened their minds beyond religion and take spirituality to a higher level, in their own way not by what others say it should be, life would be less stressful.

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    1. Thank you son much. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read and comment.
      There is so much wisdom in your words and sadly it is often that we acquire such enlightenment through adversity. Otherwise we wouldn’t learn the lesson. I commend you for seeing the positive in your journey and for embracing it. Keep going and remember to have patience with those on different paths and at different levels of their journey. Hugs ❤️


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