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Cosmic Godzilla

Inspiration has always been a spur of the moment thing for me. It seems like the same goes for writing. There are days when I advance schedule several posts and find myself with so much to say that I can’t stop. Where the ideas and topics just pour out of me and I can’t get them written down fast enough. And then there are days with little to say, where I am regrouping, thankful for the days I had lots to say, while silently collecting materials for another spur of the moment outburst.

I got to try my first acrylic pour yesterday and found the possibilities are endless. I’ve done something similar before but never in this style. It was fun to view the canvas from each side after it was finished to detect shapes, to see what emerges while allowing a vivid imagination to take flight. What I saw was a little monster appearing on the bottom left hand corner and “Cosmic Godzilla” was born.

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Empowering each other

Have you ever witnessed the magic of empowering each other? Of making someone’s day with a smile, a compliment, or simply through your presence. I love to do these little random acts of kindness for someone, anyone, someone I know, or perhaps to a perfect stranger. It doesn’t matter who it is, but more times than none the situation presents itself, and you will know when it’s right. All you need is to find the courage to execute this calling with the commitment of making someone’s day.

The roles reversed the other day, and it was me who was on the receiving end, left empowered by such a magical occurrence. Left in awe by words and praise that seemed to propel me right into the next era. Words that left me struck to learn again what a powerful impact we can have on each other. Moments that we might take for granted, but which mean the world to someone else. I was reminded of what huge responsibility we carry to lift each other, and how rewarding it can feel to give and receive such miracles. For me I will have to read those words a couple more times until they fully sink in, but already I can tell from reading them the first time that I feel empowered and motivated. Thank you ❤️. I have noticed an overall better well being and there is more energy and a deeper conviction in my step. There is a knowing that I can do it, to take a leap of faith, to worry less about outcomes, and chase my dreams. All in all, nothing really new for me and I have always known those things, yet life gets to all of us at times, and I did involuntarily put those things which have always mattered the most, on the back burner. I needed a reminder, and I didn’t know until it actually happened.

Knowing this, don’t ever underestimate the power you hold to remind someone of their dreams. To empower them or to make their day just a little brighter. Together we make this a wonderful place, and together we shine our light for more and more to join us to shine bright.

In love and light, forever…

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Forces “Unknown”

I have long tried to figure out this arthritis battle. What causes it to flare, when is it more tolerable, what can I expect in regards to remission if anything at all, and what is it I can prepare or look forward to. Fact is, there are way too many variables and every day is different.

Nutrition and food plays a big role and I recently was reminded of it in a huge way with a few days of excruciating pain levels. It was my fault indulging in meat, soda pop, candy and white flour noodles. I just can’t do that anymore if it truly was to blame for my pains, and no goody is worth having to endure what I had to.

Another key factor is your outlook and it helps to stay as positive and optimistic as ever. It’s easy while things are tolerable, but pain shapes us into different beings, which in return makes optimism tough sometimes. Misery feeds on misery, and I’m most certain that during low times, things get worse.

But what about the weather and the barometric pressure. I’ve always thought that is a huge one as I can predict the approaching storms and only feel relief once the storm front has moved through. Well today this has me puzzled a bit. A storm is scheduled to move through in about 8 hours and I can’t feel a thing. As a matter of fact, I feel better and more energetic than most days. It’s a good day and I am granted to enjoy life just like any of you. It’s a big deal these days, as times like these have been rare. Unless I’m very delayed, and yet have the pre pains ahead of me, not that I want to think about that, or paint the devil on the wall, but things can change from one moment to the next. You may feel on top of the world one moment, and the next minute starts a phase of struggles again.

For quite awhile now my right pointer finger is been giving me hell, and I can’t curl it when making a fist. With sharp shooting pains, I have cut back on the amount of typing I do, but give me a break, you pretty much need your hands and fingers for everything each day. It never becomes so obvious how much we rely on our limbs until you have a boo boo and can’t use it. Strangely with the storm on the way, today has been the best as far as how the finger feels which throws all theories to the wind, once more. So far. I guess if anything, it teaches me to stay flexible and adapt. It reminds me that we don’t always need the answers and that we can accept things for what they are. It shows me of how small and insignificant we are in the grant scheme of things, and that things will always unfold as they are meant to be. Why interfere and cause resistance? We are only sabotaging ourselves in the process.

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On top of “The Vortex”

This picture was taken on top of the Karwendel mountains above the town of Mittenwald Germany. I made several trips there during my stay in Germany last year and it reminded me of a little place that I have here in the states, close to my house, I call “The vortex”. There are many places like this here in the states, but the one that comes to mind is the closest one to my house, which provides a quick get away.

I know you may think of a vortex like a swirling mass, sucking up everything within it’s path, but to me it has a different meaning. Surely you have heard of the healing vortexes in Sedona Arizona, or Machu Picchu, described as a “healing energy vortex”. Millions of people flock to these areas every year to experience a calm and tranquil feeling of serenity they can’t explain, but which is said to come from these healing vortexes.

This is what this place in Mittenwald resembled to me and smaller vortexes can be found all over the world. If you are sensitive to the energy of such vortexes, you might be able to pick up their soothing qualities in other, not famous or well known spots of the world. Every time I feel that peaceful bliss, I always connect it to being within the vicinity of a vortex. If you have ever noticed a circular patch of grass in your lawn that seems to grow just a little faster with a color that is deeper and more saturated, it is compliments of an energy field, a vortex.

A vortex is not something that you can see, although you can’t deny the stunning beauty that was surrounding me in this picture, but it’s mostly something you feel. It’s a place that speaks to your soul, a place that lets you put your worries aside and breath in deeply. With every breath while you feel a sense of calm flood your veins, you feel more alive than ever and your batteries are recharged to handle and deal with the demands of everyday life. I have to warn you about that once you become aware, and once you have experienced such a feeling, it is highly addictive and you will crave it more and more. Excuses will fall to the wayside, and you will always find ways to make it happen somehow, each and every time. You will yearn for the experience to submerge yourself in this feeling as often as possible.

Have you ever taken the time to experience this somewhere, have you got a spot that makes you feel like that? I’d love to hear all about it.

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Tower entrance

One of the several entrances into my favorite medieval city, Rothenburg o. d. T.

With the anniversary of being home and spending nearly a year in Germany, there is no doubt that things were tough. But like with most things, not all was bad, and there are plenty of reasons that Germany will always hold my roots. I don’t think I can live there all year round anymore, but there will always be people, cultures, places and things that will always remind me of where I came from, and draw me back.