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Hearts everywhere

Mom said that only I could see a heart in a cow patty. I doubt that and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen a little piece of smelly love. 😉 that’s what I decided to call this one. Or perhaps it stands for not taking any crap.

Then last night the perfect little heart stain surfaced on my kitchen towel. I have no clue how it got there and what caused the stain and it’s shape.

Before it was a heart shaped leaf and the fact that many hearts are popping up lately has got my attention. Something is trying to tell me something, so I dig’ed a little deeper. Just like anything, the interpretation is up to the finder and what we want to believe. And do you we ever want to believe, don’t we?

“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose magic and miracles.” ~Roy T. Bennett. (Oh I do believe in that)

Common heart meanings include









Magicians and alchemists used heart symbols for incantations pertaining to matters related to love and romance. The symbol was also used in the rituals with the goal to strengthen the relationships.

It can also stand for






Physic perception

I believe that the first set of interpretations reflect the most basic views of what we think about when hearts cross our path. The later, second interpretation seems to be more fitting for my current state. I think the past weeks have been highly emotional. A dream or two has resurfaced, and holy cow patty, I have started to write my book. There has been much healing on my scene lately with the pain I am still experiencing to some extent. My intuition has never been stronger as I find myself in a transition that ties back to my dreams. A physic event has rounded out the experiencing, and has left me feeling good about what’s next.

A heart, symbol of love is here to tell me that if you have love in your life to consider yourself blessed. For you are richer than some and to hold on to it with all your might.

“One love, one heart, one destiny.” ~Bob Marley


Who am I, and why I write. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I am the one, holding on to the silver lining when the skies are gray. I’m a believer that nothing is coincidence, but that everything has purpose. I’ve made my mistakes, don’t we all, but I see them as growing pains and they are a part of who I am today. I have lost myself in order to find myself, and I still do from time to time, but in a good way. I’m a big child who laughs until my belly hurts when life wants to be serious. Career wise: I’ve been there, done that, and I took “The jump” off the hamster wheel in an effort to change my future. I didn’t land all that soft, but I can say that I’m still proud to have found the courage to do it. Coming full circle, I had it all, and yet I was lonely and had nothing. Today I choose to be a collector of moments and I chase memories, instead of the material stuff. Less is more, and the motto is quality over quantity. You’d be amazed at how freeing it can be. I see myself as a free spirit that believes in an unconventional lifestyle. Somehow I go against the grain most of the times, not to rebel, but because it feels right to stay true to my unique and authentic self. It takes courage, and you often stand alone, but if you dare, you soon realize that it is the only way if you don’t want to lose who you are. Just like most, my past wasn’t easy and I come from a life that didn’t always give me the opportunity to be heard. Few related and even fewer cared to take the time. But that’s the past and it’s history, the future hasn’t happened and the “NOW” is truly all we ever have. In the end we all have a story to tell, and we all seek to be understood. We all yearn to be heard and accepted and still life is hard and our path is full of stumbling blocks. If we can see the lessons in adversity we may realize that the toughest moments are often our greatest teachers. There is a reason for the saying that the stars can’t shine without darkness, and it might be darkness that will show you the light.
It took a series of (un)fortunate events, to learn to glow through the pain, to learn how to dance in the rain. I believe in Magic and wonder, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As an empath this old soul often feels a little too much, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Today, I am here to tell my story because I believe that it can help others. It is my hope to bring inspiration and strengths to you, while showing you that it can be done. I know you are out there, and I know you are suffering in silence. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and your voice is being heard loud and clear. Hang on and be strong, transformation is yours. 
In light and love....Rhapsody Bohème 💙🦋

12 thoughts on “Hearts everywhere

  1. I’ll need to visit the beach and see if I can find a heart rock for you. It is fun to think of you while walking on the beach, I almost always find something that screams ‘pick me up, I’m Rhapsody thinking of you!’ So, I do!
    Your heart is huge, giant, immense, and full of joy of life. You have taught me to fly when I want to crumple or am crumpled. No matter how horrid my flight pattern is, I get up and think about you and push on. You inspire. This is what I see your hearts saying.

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    1. This is bittersweet Kris. Sad you have to experience such hardship the begin with, but so sweet that I could make that difference for you. I have always believed in you and I know you are strong even when you don’t feel like you are.
      I am so glad our paths have crossed and you inspire me my sister. Thank you for being who you are. Xo

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  2. I love this, M! I love that you saw a heart in a cow patty, and this is such a good reminder to me as I am having a bit of a rough Monday. I love it that you are experiencing healing and have begun to write your book. This is all such good news! I am excited to hear more about your book in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you Shelly. I’m sure there will be much more to come about the book and I think I’m off to a good start.
      I hope your manic Monday passed quickly and you are enjoying a terrific Tuesday.


  3. Nice stuff, Rhapsody. Brought to mind gentle visions. I also have been writing a book. It began, probably last November. It took a while to get off the ground and find direction. I hadn’t written in many years. Spoiler: It is a crime drama and reflects times growing up in New York City. Very medicinal for me. WordPress has given an opportunity to explore and also, to interact with fine people, such as yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much and how exciting. I know what you mean and I actually started writing it awhile back but kept correcting and correcting it to the point of going insane, so I stopped for about a year.
      Best of luck with yours. Sounds very intriguing. 👍

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