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Number One

I finished “Number One” the other day, and Mom was very pleased that I still remembered how to make the socks she once taught me how to make. I have to admit that I was slightly worried since I haven’t made them for about two years, but all went fine and I did it. Just goes to show that it pays to take good notes. Haha. Somewhere in the near distance I shall make it’s companion “Number Two”, and I hope I can get them to match up in design.

I heard that self knitted socks are a hot commodity and highly desired. Apparently fewer and fewer people know how to make them, which in part, besides the quality is the reason as to why they are so popular. I even heard people selling them at craft shows or Christmas markets. What do you think of knitted socks? Would you buy a pair, and how much would they be worth to you?

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An old treasure

I dug out an old treasure I once painted for Mom. It’s a picture of Mom’s first name (Danuta) that I made out of special characters, meaningful to her and my childhood. Like the owl, which has always been one of Mom’s favorite animals. The gift was one of those things stashed away somewhere to be retrieved by me to see daylight once more. I brought it to Mom the other day, and she smiled from ear to ear seeing it. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said that it was the first time that she saw it. It was neat to witness the joy on her face that this simple, yet with love made gift brought to her. For me, I was blessed to experience this moment, and to know that she liked it.

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The love of a Daughter

After another week of hospitalization to rid Mom’s body of all the extra water and clear the pneumonia, Mom looked visually better. The transport back to the short term care facility was another fiasco and didn’t happen until nearly 8PM in the evening. In the end all went smoothly when it finally did. I was able to intercept this time and arrived before she did. I waited on pins and needles until the Staff from the ambulance finally wheeled her gurney towards her room. I rushed towards her and grabbed her hand before she could even recognize me. Her look of surprise quickly changed into the biggest smile that made my day full of waiting all worthwhile. She was happy to see me and I knew she was happy that I was there. I couldn’t ask for more and she knew that she wasn’t alone. Next was to get her back into her bed, and what I noticed was Mom’s resilience. She appeared stronger and less fragile. At one point we thought she might have hurt herself or might have broken a bone from falling, but luckily this wasn’t the case. I learned later that what she experienced was muscle pain from all the inactivity. Movement would be the key to eliminate this pain and perhaps I could request some sort of rehabilitation gymnastic for her. The wound manager was said to be here the next day to thoroughly assess her condition, request of Mom’s family doctor, and we would see what kind of treatment would be available, depending on her condition. But for now, it was ok to grab her legs without her whining in pain and being uncomfortable. I was relieved. As an empath, I have long felt the emotions and feelings of others, and it seemed to be duplicated and quadrupled when it came to Mom. For now another little win was ours and this battle and I was grateful for the progress.

The view from Mom’s room.

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Happy Birthday

What a special day, and so happy to be here to celebrate this day with you. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and a new year filled with happiness, laughter, good health and moments that will forever stay close to your heart.

Happy Birthday Moni ❤️

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We stopped for a sweet treat at the Eisdiele yesterday. It used to be a popular hang out while I lived in Germany, and we spent many afternoons in good company while enjoying our ice cream.

My cousin Michaela and I, indulged in a little “Machi” and the typical “Spaghetti” ice, for a little chat and quality time. It was a nice break and another trip down memory lane.

Michaela shaking her “Machi”

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Father Winter returns

With the official beginning of Spring, Father Winter made another return, and brought more snow. It’s cold outside, but luckily the heating situation is resolved in the house, and there is no need to freeze anymore. The flu is getting a little better each day, and I feel alive and human once more. I feel mich better and it seemed to hang on forever. I’m grateful to have my health back and be able to function better.

I did laundry for the first time yesterday. Another milestone, and something I never did at Mom’s house before. Moni had to help me understand Mom’s foreign washing machine, but we managed. t was another little win, another little thing that in the end became something huge and made me feel all emotional. For a moment I thought I lost my mind, getting all grateful and happy from the sound and sight of a working washing machine, but I soon realized that it was a moment of relief, a little break and the stress falling off that in the end brought on this emotion. Further I had a wonderful lunch at Moni’s with Wiener Schnitzel, Michel her husband prepared for us and he is truly and amazing chef. As always I was in for a real treat to spend this time in a family setting and with my nieces Leni and Emily. Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed coffee and cake at my godmother (Mom’s sister) and later towards the evening I got some groceries, a big canvas and a basic starter set of acrylic paints and brushes. 😉

Life was good.

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Chim, chimney, chim chimney, chim chim cheroo

I swear there used to be a song with these lyrics about a chimney sweeper, but I don’t remember. Today was a big day and the chimney sweeper was scheduled to come by this morning. It must have been thirty some years since I last have seen one, so naturally it was a big deal for me. I hope it wasn’t the reason as to why I couldn’t sleep and was still awake at 2AM, but you never know. I got up at 7 and tinkered around the house for awhile. Around 10AM, the door bell rang and I hit the buzzer. “Hello, chimney sweeper here” I heard the young man announce himself while entering the house. He was dressed all in black, the only thing that was slightly off, was that the top hat (somehow I thought he would wear a top hat) was replaced by a black beanie. He smiled as I said Hi back and after I immediately reached out to shake his hand. I didn’t even think about him covered in black soot, but I had to make a good first impression. It’s not every day you see a chimney sweeper and I had a little bit of an agenda, I have to admit. He came upstairs and inquired about Mom and it appeared that he missed her being here. He said that he always enjoys her company and to please tell her to get well soon. I thought that it was very sweet of him and saw it as the perfect moment to announce my agenda.

“I have an unusual request and a silly question” I said. He looked surprised but reassured me that there are no silly questions and to ask away. “Do you think that I could take a picture of you when all this is said and done. It’s kind of a big deal for me to see a chimney sweeper and Mom will be happy as well”. He smiled again, saying “of course, we will take care of it at the end”.

Further up the attic he went and although I didn’t follow to see him work, I could hear the sweeping inside the chimney just fine. All the way down in the cellar was were the two little metal doors are located for both chimneys. He unlocked one at a time and carefully loaded his little shovel full of soot, and then emptying it into a small metal bucket. And of course it was black as well. All done, we were still laughing at the adventures of this old house, and my own journey of what it’s been like with the frozen pipe etc. Good thing I can look back and laugh about the nightmare now. From camping inside the house, to the standing water which by now had recited a little bit but was still there, and how nice and cool it was down in the cellar in the summer month. I still didn’t care to be down there, I’d rather sweat and deal with the cobwebs and creepy rounded torture like, ancient space full of crawlers. All there was left to do was take a picture in full armor with tools and all. He was such a good sport about it and I swear I will print the picture out, and hang it on the chimney for him to take the next time a sweep is due.

Even more unusual and without knowing it prior, there are many tales about chimney sweepers bringing good fortune and wealth. It is also said that it will bring good luck to shake the hand of a chimney sweeper. I usually don’t shake hands as a form of greeting with a handyman or a stranger like that. Even more unusual with someone that is covered in black soot, not that I’m afraid of getting dirty. I didn’t care and my hand was extended before I even realized what happened. What exactly did happen and how did it happen? Did my conscience know about the tale of shaking the hand of a chimney sweeper? Was that what the excitement was all about, why I didn’t sleep the night before and was there some luck that was waiting to be evoked? I know the skeptics might thing this is a ridiculous thought, but something sticks her for me and I like the ring this has to it. What can say “I’m a dreamer”

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Spirit sighting

Driving home from my girlfriends, we spotted the first animal spirit sighting. It had snowed during dinner and we took it easy, gliding over the wet, potentially slippery roads. Coming around a bend, we saw the wobbly, low ground creature walking along the road. We immediately slowed but didn’t engage the breaks too hard in an attempt to avoid slipping right off the road. We both held our breath as the creature turned towards the middle of the road and hitting it was the last thing we wanted. Luckily, it decided on pro-life and turned back to the side of the road where he had come from. A moment of silence and relief came next as we were trying to comprehend what it was that we just seen. Laughter followed as Angie (my girlfriend) said “I think it was a badger”. I knew that there are badgers in the area and I had seen warning signs hiking in the woods during a prior visit, but it was probably the last thing I expected to see. I had no clue if they would attack if encountered or run from you. My animal spirit world had finally spoken, and it’s been quiet for the past three weeks. Not that I really have been anywhere besides spending time with Mom, but I missed my messages. A sign was finally sent, and I told my girlfriend that I would have to look up the meaning of encountering a badger. The circumstance for sure were unusual and there had to be some sort of message. She looked at me surprised, and knowing that she doesn’t follow my blog or read English, I think that she learned something new about me, her girlfriend of thirty, plus years. We laughed, but that very night as soon as I arrived back at the house, you bet that I looked up the spiritual meaning of the badger and here is my message.

“Don’t give up now! You are so close to the goal you are reaching for! Have faith and focus on gratitude for what you have already achieved.”


Angie seemed skeptic about my spirit animal encounter, and I have yet to tell her what the message was from my friend the badger. It’s funny to think back to our conversation that happened prior that night and it makes me smile even bigger. Bringing Angie up to date with everything that had happened, she was stunned and amazed with everything I seemed to have achieved over the past three weeks. If miracles are possible, this was pretty close to one, and she knew how grateful I was for the things that did find it’s way. Things with Mom, the main purpose for my visit, the help and support I have gotten from my family and friends, the love my army standing behind me-YOU have shown me, and being able to go through this journey by finding the strength to go on. Nothing about it is easy, and there is news that I haven’t even shared yet, but I have lots to be grateful for no matter how tough and difficult things are. I love that I have not lost my sense of humor through it all, for I would lose myself in the process of it, should this ever happen. I believe in laughter and have to be able to laugh at yourself, and at things happening at times, to prevent the unhealthy crazy. You already know that I believe a little crazy is essential and the new normal these days, but too much, well that’s a different story I call the unhealthy kind. And you already know that I’m a big kid that is easily amused, trying to find the humor and upside/lesson to everything happening in life. You already know that I’m a pessimist, a dreamer that believes in the good and is seldom discouraged. I’m grateful for my ability to adapt to times like these, to be strong when it counts, and when I have to be because there is no other option. Being a warrior and this journey has brought new meaning to my life and I am too, have changed in the process of these past weeks. For the better I think and I’m positive that I have grown through the pain and the struggle once more.I can’t wait to tell Angie about the spiritual meaning and I’m almost tempted to tell her in person to see the element of surprise on her face. My furry badger (wow, was he huge) in a way confirmed what Angie had spoken about earlier that evening and we will see if she’ll make the connection. 😉

Picture taken from google 😉