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Healing Crystals

I made one more stop to the rock store the other day. I was looking for a few small gifts, but deep down I know I needed something to distract my mind. I haven’t talked about Mom in detail lately, but the challenges and news keep compiling with every day. Every time I think not much worse can happen, it somehow does and while time is running out here and I’m still not packed, I can’t get to Germany fast enough. Nothing is easy or good when it comes to the news, and a trip to the rock store would offer a short time to take my mind off of things.

I walked slowly from display to display, in awe of all the beautiful rocks and crystals. I could spend hours there, and it’s always great and amazing to realize how much comfort a rock can bring. Strange, I know, but I like it. I picked out my gifts and decided to indulge in a little something for myself. Something, anything, and I had nothing specific in mind. I finally stopped at one display and looked at the various shapes of the same rock on display. I had no clue what it was called and what purpose it had, I just felt drawn to it and couldn’t recall ever seeing it before. I picked a few pieces, handling them, until I had the right rock that felt perfect within my hand.

Later at home, I unpacked my just bought treasures and pulled the fact sheet for the rock I had purchased for myself. I learned that the rock/crystal was called Celestite and the more I read, the more I found myself in awe. Talk about synchronicities and timing. I had no clue what rock it was and yet the discovery of such and the meaning of it couldn’t have come at any better time. It was exactly what I needed, as I felt a calm from holding it before I read the description. There was a energy about it as if something had wrapped me in a comforting blanket, telling me that everything would be ok. It’s hard to explain, but again I believe it was an essential piece of the puzzle and what I needed to find to give me the strengths to proceed.

Celestite is said to be an angelic stone. It can connect you to all aspects of the angelic realm, and to angels themselves. It is said that Celestite was given powers by angels to raise consciousness, and to bring guidance from the angels. Emotionally, Celestite is excellent for emotional protection and to end worry, fear, and anxiety. In this way it decreases negativity. Celestite is a great tool for meditation, as it helps focus on that than of this world and block out distracting “noise”. Celestite purifies the aura, and perfects the chakras. It is a stone that brings balance, especially to thought processes and communication. Psychically, Celestite is an excellent tool for astral travel. In the physical realm, Celestite is used for healing eye problems, mental disorders, cellular order, eliminating toxins, digestive problems. Celestite is associated primarily with the throat and crown chakras.

I have held the stone every day since as I allow it’s comfort to help guide me through this difficult time.

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Sweet and innocent

I always come back to this picture of Mom and it is my favorite one. It stirs up mixed emotions, as my fingers glide across the picture in a gentle caress. Sweet, innocent and not a clue of how strong she would have to be, not knowing what life was holding in store for her. I can’t help but wish to waive my hand and make all the bad go away, and to give this sweet, innocent child a better life.

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From this liminal state we are reborn into a threshold between worlds.

Through the fabric of fog, a map for another way presents itself, we see-in a flash- how life could be.

Can we return to what is familiar, and make it new, finding mystery in comfort,nor do we embark upon the adventurous unearthing together?

Surrender to the acceleration of self-discovery that can only come from encouraging the emergence of dormant forces, embarking this vantage point, let the past be memory.

This pause between present and future is the alchemy that will wake us, unlock us, transform us.

There is barely a moment, even in morning twilight when I forget to remember the shift is happening.

I am a light in the harbor, leaving the weight of the past at sea, change is my anchor deep inside peace is so close.

~Nancy Levin

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Spring Equinox

Spring is a beautiful time and it is just around the corner, although winter is in full swing right now. In my current surroundings and especially when I am in Germany.

The spring equinox will occur on Tuesday, March 20th at 9:15 am PDT. The total duration of spring 2018 is 92 Days, 17 hours, and 55 minutes.

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In the eyes of the beholder

Art and beauty has a different meaning from person to person. One persons junk is another persons treasure and it depends on what you choose to see. I think this picture is a prime example of what I’m trying to say, and I remember taking it as if it was yesterday. I know the location I shot it and I remember that on that day, I choose to see more than just a weed. I think it was the beginning of pushing the boundaries, and opening my eyes to the unusual and different.

I added the bubbles later, trying to give the ordinary subject of a thistle an extraordinary feel and this was the end result. But it was far from being done and many month later, a friend urged me to submit it into a local photo contest. He loved the picture so much and thought that I should give it a shot. I did and forgot all about it. Weeks later the newspaper calls me and initially I’m thinking that they were trying to sign me up to receive the local paper. No, I’m sorry, I don’t want to subscribe and I get my news in the go, I say. The man on the other line pauses for a moment and finally resumes by telling me that he would like to interview me in regards to how my picture came to be because it has won first prize. Now I’m the speechless one, as I hadn’t spent any second thought about the picture, after submitting it that very day, which now seemed weeks ago. One week later my picture with a brief bio, as well as a few runner up pictures made the paper and I won out of nearly 300 submissions. I still can’t belief it and my humble self would tell you that I think the other pictures were better than mine. But it just goes to show that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and in what you choose to see. You can bring beauty to every day and to ordinary subjects that mostly go unnoticed. It’s a challenge and something I love to do these days. What will you see today?

As a thank you for my friend for my local hall of fame success, a framed enlarged copy, was the perfect thank you gift tomadorn his wall. 😉

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Rockin my world

It’s no secret I love rocks. From gemstones, to painted and collected rocks along hikes, to my beautiful mountains, I feel happiest surrounded by peaks and arches. This picture was taken last year in the Alabama Hills at Lone Pine, California. I also love to be surrounded by all the wonderful and kind people I have met here on WordPress. You rock my world every day.

“The coolest people I have ever met have the most colorful pasts. They lived life’s of risks, made bad choices, learned lessons, explored and they are not afraid of being real. Tattered tapestries woven of similar threads, they’re my kind of people – My favorite shades of crazy”. ~Stephen L. Lizotte

Thank you for being YOU – My favorite shades of crazy 😉

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Lassen Volcanic Park

This picture was taken in Lassen Volcanic Park and I scaled the black cinder-cone a few times by now. It doesn’t look like it as it appears like a regular peak with a summit, but the top actually has an open crater that you can look down inside. The ascend is short but steep, and the lose Black Volcanic sand/gravel makes it tough to get the traction needed. It’s a little like one step ahead, two back as you slide backwards with every effort to go forward. A stair master at its best for sure, but if you can preserve, you are rewarded with breathtaking views of the park and Lassen Peak.

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Not all tales have a happy ending

It started to snow again Sunday night, and a bitter cold storm swept over the Sierra crest. I live about 25 minutes in a suburb of Reno which is a little higher in elevation, so when it rains in town, it’s not unusual to snow at my house. And so it was that night, and the snow fell at my house before it began to snow and stick in town.

I was closing the store on Sunday night and the flakes were getting thicker and thicker. I opted to stay in town, knowing that I had my rescheduled appointment with the tooth fairy at 8AM on Monday morning. I stopped at Panda Express for take out that night, and made it back to safety in the nick of time. The roads were patchy in spots and were becoming slick and iced. I ate half of my dinner and decided to save the rest for lunch the next day. All there was left to do is finish off the meal with a fortune cookie. I cracked the crispy cookie in half, ready to claim my fortune, but to my surprise it was empty. I turned the two pieces to view them from all angles as if the fortune miraculously had been wrapped in some weird fashion not visible at first. Instead there was nothing, no matter which way I turned the cookie, and no message was to be told. I couldn’t help but smile thinking back to my High Priestess Tarot message and what I learned through her appearance.

“Sometimes you have to fly blind. You will only be able to embrace the truths through the experience without knowledge of what is to come”.

Apparently my fortune cookie from “Panda” had joined in and remained silent as well. There would be no help here either.

Monday morning came and I was sitting in the dentist chair waiting for the numbness of the shots to take full effect. And boy did they ever. It would take until 2PM until I could finally talk normal again without lisp and slurring words and attempt to eat. You might think “What a way to start off the week” but I didn’t feel a thing and I don’t mind going to the dentist anymore. There is a killer staff and many friendships have been formed since I started to go to this practice. Maybe otherwise I would have frowned a bit too, having the drill in my mouth on a Monday morning at 8AM. We chatted a bit and the tooth fairy and her dental assistant Elvia know the reason for my going to Germany. They have done their best to make time for me and accommodate my tight schedule. Did I say yet that I haven’t packed yet and that I’m freaking out a bit? I have only a few days left to get all chores done…yikes. I’m exhausted.

After everything was said and done, Elvia hugged me while telling me that I’m going to be there for Mom during a time when she needs me the most. She held me tight, while I could hear her soft voice telling me that I was a good daughter. It caught me off surprise to hear these words, words I had longed for so many years to hear from Mom, words now spoken from a relative stranger. I could feel the tears well up and even now writing about it, I still get emotional about this tender moment that meant so much. I had to walk away quickly, as I was losing my composure and I hated that I couldn’t give my feelings free reign and had to suppress the emotions yet again. It was during those moments that I realized how raw and painful my struggle with Mom really is and there may never be an end to it. Sometimes nobody wins and not all tales have a happy ending.

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