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Mid-Life what???

Mid-life Crisis: An emotional crisis of self identity and self confidence that can occur in early middle age
This subject has been on my mind for years actually and I have been wanting to write and discuss my take about it for awhile now. According to the Huffington Post, I’m going through midlife crisis. It appears that I have been there for quite some time. The article, conjures up thoughts filled with images of a silver haired 50 something man or woman riding off into the sunset with a younger partner. Perhaps the reason why I decided to embrace my silver fox, as I continue my journey of grey. Silly, and I don’t think so, but entertaining to consider, even though shallow and barely scratching the surface of many much deeper emotions.

Women are said to experience this “Crisis” earlier than men, often between the ages of 35-44. My so called crisis period started most likely as I was 42, but I didn’t take note of it until I was 48 and started to challenge the Status Quo. I wanted to feel alive again. What can I say? As so often throughout my life, it seems that I don’t fit norms and have my own time table of when and how things unfold. In the end I have always been a late bloomer and feel that traumatic events early on in life have been the reason that my mind and body protect me from a reality I’m sometimes not ready to handle. It makes me think of the quote about the teacher appearing when the student is ready and I believe that everything is a matter of timing and being ready. To grow into awareness and possess a readiness to observe and then evaluate and change your stars if necessary to pursue your dreams. Maybe not immediately as things are often easier said then done. Especially from the outside and with distance. We are often tied down and have to bide our time while we wait for the perfect moment when everything can fall into place. Even so, this should not stop us from planning and dreaming, as all reality manifests within our dreams and from the things we believe in.

This, so called crisis period is named to be a time of self reflection, a fear of running out of time, a discontent with aging and perhaps it is then that we give into that affair only to feel young and alive, appreciated and valued again. That is if you are not happy in your current circumstances and find those things missing from your life. Women might get Botox in an effort to cling to their youthful appearance and hide their self critical changes of gravity that is gracing their faces and bodies, while men might fork out a ton of money and buy that new sports car in an effort to be hip and attract (false) attention.

You might also panic about health issues, try to get a handle on your weight and seek a healthier lifestyle. Could this be the final time of turning your New Years Resolution into reality, as you feel that you must make those changes if you are to be around for awhile? Or are you just overall more conscious of dietary nutrition, the appearance of your smile and providing your body with what it needs? Finally….

A midlife crisis brings drastic changes, something out of the ordinary and goes way beyond buying a new dress or splurging on a set of new golf clubs. It’s something that makes your surroundings stop, as bystanders stand and watch our radical choice with their mouth agape. It’s the moment that becomes the gossip of a small town, whispered in hush hush conversations of “OMG, have you heard” while secretly wishing to have the courage and to be free from the burden of their own responsibilities.
“A crisis seems to come from exhaustion and a sudden acknowledgement of the passage of time. All assumptions come under review – all of them,” said Denice Loritsch.
You might start comparing yourself to more successful friends and younger coworkers, feeling increasingly regretful, self-conscious and perhaps even jealous and envious. Luckily this was never my case and there was never a sense of competition, but rather a desire to pursue my own identity and unique quirks, my individuality, while hoping for acceptance in the meantime. It’s still important and I strive for it each day, but I have reached a point of realizing that all we can do is our best and if so, it will always be enough. In the end, there is no control over who gives us that acceptance, who feels inspired and who likes us and who doesn’t. It’s human nature and nothing to be taking personal. (Easier said then done at times). But to be practiced even when others strike out in ugliness through jealousy and envy. I try to remember that it is a state of being LOST, an ugly cry for help. It might be hard and painful to experience, but if you can be strong enough to consider this concept instead of striking back and lowering yourself to that very level that brought you pain, if you can extend your hand in understanding and an effort to help that person out of their own hellhole, then you have achieved something truly wonderful. It’s not you as to why the person is leashing out and often there are much bigger things at hand as to why someone is LOST. Just imagine the impact you could have by putting your own ego in check! The impact on the person you are dealing with, but also the greater good for all involved. For most it is the ego that prevents them from reaching out and we adapt the attitude that if you hurt me, I have to hurt you back and seek revenge. Don’t we all make mistakes, aren’t we all deserving of forgiveness? It starts with you and you might even emerge a hero if you can act against the typical behavior and lend a hand instead.

I know I still have things that I want to change, we continuously learn and I have no idea of how long the process of this “Crisis” might last. I know that I have friends that worry about my process, that want to see me happy and I can honestly say that I have never felt more at peace as I am now. My path is clear and I have never  looked at this as a crisis at all, but I have embraced it as my spiritual awakening transition and a personal growth period. It is the very state of how I am and a positive mind that has me looking forward to each day in anticipation and wonder, knowing that I am the architect of my life in all my breathing moments. It’s a passage of awareness to pursue what sets my soul on fire with such a passion that my very existence is becoming an act of rebellion. To continue waking up from a dormant trance like sleep to re-evaluate what matters to ME and how I must set the steps into place to achieve those goals and dreams. To dream even bigger and care less about the acceptance of going against conventional norms, but to inspire others who experience the same kind of “Awakening” to cross the line in an effort to embrace the W’s of your life.

How could this ever be considered a Mid-Life crisis? It’s a beautiful journey if you are willing to see and keep your mind open. 💙🦋
This post is dedicated to a very special person and my dear friend TC, I love you and we got this girl. I believe in YOU and YOU are the architect of your life and YOU can do it 😉. I’m here through the process and I’m cheering you in every step.



I'm a dreamer and hopeless romantic who believes that there is always a silver lining to everything. Now, inspired by the simple life, I have learned that less is more and that we find magic all around us if we take the time to notice. Life is a journey and a process that is ever changing. We are constantly evolving in the matter of who we are as we align our stars and shed a past no longer in line with our highest self. I don't easily fit conventional norms, not because I'm a rebel, but because of resenting the pull that threatens to take me away from my true beliefs and my unique personal identity. I support the power of "Choice" and the ability for us to be the architects of our own lives. Some of these choices should have something a little wild about them as they form the moments that forever stay edged in our memory and make our hearts beat with wonder. Nobody will remember the ordinary. For myself, I'm a warrior who has fallen many times, who has gone through trails an tribulations and who is no stranger to adversity. After all, my choice remains clear, to get back up and stand stronger than ever. To recognize that it often takes our darkest moments to mold us into who we were meant to be. I have learned to trust the process and stay positive through the challenges. I trust it to be the only way to prevent my heart from hardening and allowing bitterness to creep in. I believe in the power of "NOW" as it is the only moment we truly ever have. The past is gone, unchangeable and the future hasn't happened yet. All we can impact is the current moment. Everything starts with a choice and hopefully with one that has something wild about it and may even scare you to death to execute. DO IT...I promise you won't regret it. This blog is my voice to share my Journey. If I could describe this adventure in short, I would call it "Spiritual awakening" with a yearning for "Freedom" and going after the things that truly matter. To seek a less complicated life that is stripped down from the many obligations and responsibilities that often tie us down. For me it is a life free of rules and regulations, one that allows me to escape the must expectations while jumping off the hamster wheel that is spinning faster all the time. To be on my own time and live each day to the fullest, to make it all slow down by banishing routine and unleashing my creativity/artistic values in an effort to entertain whatever subject comes to mind. And if lucky, to perhaps offer a different view to my readers, one that speaks to your soul vs. the demands of what society might expect. It is one that empowers you to be your unique self and follow the beat of your own drum. I am dreaming big as I trail blaze the path to a new life and becoming a storyteller. I find my inspiration in the little things in life, in Mother Nature and on the trail that provides the adventures and the backdrop for a book someday. My hope is to inspire "Courage" in others who might find themselves on the brink of taking that first step. This blog serves as a foundation for my collection of personal thoughts, opinions and experiences and by no means am I an expert on any topics mentioned. To my readers I would say that the universe connects us by a common thread, we all search and we all have something to say. We don't always have to meet in person to share a strong bond and people enter our path for a reason. Some stay for a short time and serve their purpose, while others teach us a lesson and help us become stronger through experience. And a few special ones remain as the treasures we hold dear over a lifetime and touch our hearts beyond means. In whatever way we are meant to be, I thank you for crossing my path and for stopping by. I hope that I have left you inspired, full of wonder and with a few "Wild Choices" to make....Hugs XO

29 thoughts on “Mid-Life what???

      1. Haha on,y because I’m at work and still have to write the post. I just can’t keep my mouth shut and I’m excited 😉. You will smile when you read it and I’m just adding more drama to already having opened my mouth. Ooops

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  1. Girl I hear ya!! I find myself going through a Quarter Life Crisis. Lol. I wrote about it on my blog. It’s a very real thing. We all can feel confused, stuck and worried at times. Even when we have it all going for us.

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  2. I feel like I’m almost out of mine! Last year was by far the worst year of my life, transitioned out of poker after having played professionally for 7 years, got a DUI and totaled my car. and then tore my ACL while on vacation in Thailand! But through the rehab of my knee started my spiritual rehab and I see it as an awakening too. I can totally relate on that!

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      1. Its definitely the best catalyst for growth. Shows us what poor decisions can lead to and is a great wake up call if we listen. Through the storm its always dreadful, but once it subsides it really is beautiful once you see you’ve changed.

        And thank you 🙂 I’m glad you’ve gotten past yours as well!

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  3. Wow, I feel like you captured this stage of life and all of its beautiful and confusing uncertainty so well. I’m nearly 51, my husband and I will be empty nested next year. I’ve been sharing with people that I’ve actually had to grieve that I’m saying goodbye to an old version of myself. In some ways, my stay at home mom, hippy(ish), artist, free wheeling life is coming to a close. The world is asking more of me now and it was a process, but I fely I had to say goodbye to that version of self
    in order to step into something new. She will be incorporated into this stage of my life, but she doesn’t get first billing.
    Thank you. It’s takes courage to share our stories…and it’s oh so needed and necessary.

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    1. It appears some comments got lost and I’m happy to recover this one today. I’m sorry for the late response to your words and thank you for your kind feedback. I’m glad my words resonated with you and I wanted to say thank you for giving me a little insight into your world. Yes it takes courage to live and I just wrote another post about it, but it’s also empowering and will set you free in the end. Hugs


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