W stands for all things wild 

When I think of the letter W, various things come to mind, but especially things that are close to my heart. It’s for the first time that a correlation appears, that I’m connecting the dots and that I see a vision emerge about those things. I checked it off to coincidence, until something started to click and awareness set in. I’ve noticed that every single word associated with the letter W, in my mind and what they mean to me, all had something a little bit WILD about them.
For starters, my trip to the ocean is drawing closer and the adventure begins on Wednesday. No rules….
I think it will be a wild one and if everything fails, I’ll blame it on my hair that with certainty will take on something wild. I envision it already. Beachy waves, sea salt and the the sun. Wild enough right?
W is for wildflowers. Another thing I’m hoping to capture in my pictures is the exploding landscape that fills California with wildflowers. The added moisture from winter contributed to make the wildflower season extra prominent. It can be seen from space. How wild is that? Just imagine hillsides covered in bright yellow for poppies and purple for lupine. It has to be a sight to behold.

W also stands for the wilderness. I am a frequent visitor and like I said before “My soul is at home” in the wild.
W stands for the Wild West and that’s where I live. Wild horses roam free here and wander through the high desert plains.
Let’s see, the list goes on and W stands for the decisions and the choices we make daily. I know it doesn’t start with a W, unless you remind yourself to make a few of them some wild choices. Do something out of the ordinary, forget the normal boring and make a wild choice that keeps your heart beating just a little faster. I promise you that in the end, it will be those choices that stand out and bring the biggest smile back to your face. I admit it has become a little of a life motto for me, so it’s no surprise that it is reflecting on my Instagram account which is named wildchoicez as I continue to push the boundaries of those special moments.
W stands for the warrior within me, who wears the war bonnet from time to time and who had to be strong for as long as I can remember. For it is now that I share my journey in this blog and in the hopes to empower my beautiful sisters and women, as well as my warriors everywhere who choose to get back up no matter how many times they have fallen. To fight another day and to never lose hope. The war is won, one step at a time.

The first letter of wisdom, W finds a special place within my heart. Wisdom is trial and error, gained from experience and the will to listen and see. To search for the silver lining and the lessons that are to be learned. To embrace the struggle vs. letting it define you, as it is only then that you can grow as a person into who you were meant to be.
W stands for my wilder mind and I have been blessed with a wilder mind. To be able to realize the uniqueness that we each hold inside of us and to not be afraid to be myself. To see something special in everybody and accept and celebrate the diversity we bring to the table. You are no threat to me, there is no competition and our strength lies within our differences. It’s a beautiful thing.



Wonder starts with W and my wish for myself and everybody around is that we may never lose our sense of wonder. To see the world through childlike eyes and play with abandon to nourish our soul.
And lastly (I’m sure I’m forgetting something else), I celebrate my other “Wolfish Woman Sisterhood”. You have reached a point in your life where enough is enough. You have walked the path of experiences and you know who you are. Strong and confident, perhaps intimidating to some, even though it’s not your nature nor intent, you just know what you want and you will tolerate less. There is no more compromise for it is all or nothing and you are aligned with your highest self. You are awake and you found your voice. You will and have been heard. Wisdom runs through your veins to feed those who care to listen. Your a gypsy, a wanderer, a free spirit with a soul so pure but strong, that brave is the man who loves a wild woman. ❤


Via sun-gazing.com


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