Getting lost 

It’s almost time to get lost and to get away for a little while. To play by little to no rules and to just be. I’m looking forward to it no doubt and I’m visiting the ocean to find strengths and relaxation from motion of the waves. Although I have many fond memories over the past 1 1/2 years, the scale of worklife balance has been tipped with too much work, not enough free time and no vacation. 
There is an art to getting lost and it’s not to be taken in the literal sense. I think i have become quiet good at it and I remember once upon a time (don’t all great stories start this way?) mentioning in a Facebook post that I had spent the whole afternoon getting lost. Apparently I did mention this a couple other times and somebody responded by saying “You sure get lost a lot” lol. 
I had to smile as obviously the whole point I was trying to make went out the window. There is a difference between getting lost and being lost. I hope I will never become so lost that I won’t find my way, but I love to get lost and get off the grid for awhile. It is when the adventure begins and only somebody who can relate will understand that at times you have to get lost in order to find yourself. 
I’ll be away for a few days and it will be quiet on the little blog here. I’ll return Sunday night, back to work on Monday. I might schedule a few photography posts to share my pictures with you, but all responses and catching up on your blogs will have to be wait until next week. As always I will miss you all but also can’t wait to bring some new adventures your way. Have a beautiful week. 
Xo ❤


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