Where my soul feels at home 

In all the years I’ve been hiking, I have found some special places everywhere. Places that restore the peace within and vanish the stress from my life. Nature has been a great teacher, a calming mother and a beautiful companion. Nature has been powerful and has put into perspective how tiny we are in grand scheme of the universe. I have no doubt that I’ve been lucky to have seen so many beautiful spots and I know that I could have never done so alone. 

Each place holds a special memory and transports me back to the serenity that I felt, even if it is years later that I have been there. But like good friends that go the extra mile and who touch our life’s forever, some go just a little further and take a piece of our hearts. 

This is one such place and my soul is at home in the Sierra. 


22 thoughts on “Where my soul feels at home 

    1. Awe that truly makes my day and your kind words touch my heart. I think we are all out here tying to find our way and if we can have a positive impact on each other’s journey, then we have made all the difference. Thank you again, I’m glad you could connect with the post. And thanks for the follow 😉

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  1. I agree to this. Nature always got a healing power and bring instant happiness. Out in a beautiful landscape we realise how small our problems are. Truly, this is the break our soul demands which make us feel home, far away from home. May be this is the answer for the wanderlust we crave. 😊


    1. Your comment and input to this shows that you can relate and have found your own peace and quiet within nature. It is truly the best and it always reminds me of another favorite quote “There is no WiFi in the woods, but you will find a better connection”.
      Thank you for stopping by and your comment. Have a beautiful day.

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