A is apparently for Allergies

Beautiful isn’t it? Don’t be fooled it’s not innocent at all and makes you sneeze and wheeze. 
My introduction to allergies started a few years back. I didn’t realized how blessed I was until then. Unaware and blissfully I had lived my days and didn’t realized how good I had it. Until that one early summer day as everything started with itchy eyes that brought such great discomfort that I felt like clawing them out. This resulted in an allergic pink eye, not contagious but very uncomfortable and no joke. Ever since, I deal with flu like symptoms such as congestion, stuffy nose, itchy eyes and ears and swelling in the throat all year around. At the same time and in addition to my outdoor allergies, I also developed a few food allergies that trigger and increase a few of my symptoms. I learned to adapt. I thought so at least and I have an Eppi pen I really should learn how to use in case if an emergency.After embracing the gray/silver hair choice the other day, I prepared to lighten my hair naturally. Chamomile, lemon mixture soaked hair, I went outside to let the sun speed up the process. Here I sit in the patio chair, the sun is shining strong and all I can do is nothing. It’s so bright I have to squint and for sure I can’t do nothing on the iPad as I can’t even make out a screen or something remotely close to it. Probably from all the squinting I’m doing as my view gets very narrow, ha. Might as well do something and be productive right? A grant idea is born and I might as well rip out a few weeds that have taken on the shape of miniature bushes. Gee…

The half hour lightening process turns into over an hour because time flies when you are having fun right? Stuff and dust is flying everywhere, as I rake, yank, pull and push my way along. Finally, the fun slows down a bit as I feel parched and I desperately need water. Stuff is in my hair and who knows how it got there. Just don’t even ask, I’m done.

Four piles of raked up bushes later, I decide it’s time to stop. Without knowing what is going on, the damage is done already. My back gets a little sore from all the ripping and the extended bending, all while exerting myself and breathing in the pollen mixture that is working it’s way to making me miserable. Nothing too bad….yet, I’m still unaware. Awhile later the right eye starts to swell up and my hearing gets funky. Everything is emphasized with an echo and I actually hear you better if you whisper to me instead of talking normal which sounds a lot like screeching. The eye gets worse over the course of the next day and it is crusted shut by the next morning. An abundance of allergy eye drops and pills saves the day enough so I can function and go to work but I can’t hear what you are saying on the phone and it’s so noisy for me out her. Fingers crossed this passes soon. 

Somebody at work told me that they got a shot for allergies and maybe I should check into it. Anybody else suffering from allergies? 


15 thoughts on “A is apparently for Allergies

  1. So sorry !! I only had a medication allergy UNTIL I turned 40 then I developed the dreaded seasonal allergies!!! Where I live is one of the highest rated cities for severe allergies. Go figure (rolling eyes). I hope you get some relief soon and have a great weekend!

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  2. I developed seasonal allergies a few years ago during the summer and I had no idea. It felt like everything you described. The flu during summer. So I feel ya! I’ve been taking Claritin-D on an off for the past two years. This year, I haven’t taken anything and so far I’m okay. Knock on wood/fingers crossed.

    If your throat hurts, hot water with fresh ginger and honey soothed mine, maybe it’ll help you too. Good luck!

    Who doesn’t need a vacation though? Am I right!

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    1. Yeah allergies are no fun and sometimes it’s hard telling if you are actually getting a cold or if you are just allergic to something. C,writing-D didn’t do the trick for me and made me very dizzy and lightheaded. It was suppose to pass but never did so I stopped eventually as suffering through the allergies was the lesser of the two evils. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get too bad this year.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and welcome to WordPress.

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  3. I had a skin allergy that came out of nowhere and went away the same way after about a year. A spot on my body suddenly started itching then swelling like a series of mosquito bites. Antihistamines every two to three days for that period. I never found out what triggered it.
    Good luck!

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  4. While only a couple of times that my hayfever symptoms were serious, but not quite the same as yours, over the years I have learned to recognise my symptoms early on, as soon as my eyes even start thinking about feeling itchy… I take this opportunity to simply drink plenty of water. This routine seems to work for me now… either that or I’ve perhaps grown out of having hayfever as bad as I used to.


    1. Yeah you are absolutely right and I learned to recognize the symptoms early too which works most of the time. I can definitely try drinking more water, god knows I need it for various reasons. Thanks for the tip and for stopping by.

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