Childlike abandon

You might have heard me talk about childlike abandon in a previous post or two. Basically, it’s a way of reverting back to my childhood and to reintroduce a few childlike behaviors into my adult life. It’s a little like taking the edge off. Almost humorous and funny when you think back to your child days and wanting to be an adult. And now that you are an adult, you dream of less complex days and remember those carefree child moments. 

For me it is to simplify and enjoy my time, which in this case is usually time spent away from the mundane daily routine. It is my adventure time, the vacations and the little escapes which contribute to when I feel most alive. It’s a state of being that allows you to forget about your troubles, it let’s you dangle your feet and live in the present. If you have never tried it, please read on and find something that speaks to you, so you can give it a try at your earliest convenience. Make it a priority and realize how essential it is for your well being. Your soul will thank you for it with a deep feeling of appreciation and a deep stress relieving sigh. Ahhhhhh…..

I have a little getaway coming up starting next Wednesday. It’s a five day trip to the ocean that includes a concert, camping, hiking and mostly hanging out at the ocean. I am getting short timers and Wednesday can’t come soon enough. I’m giddy with anticipation and a short film about childish adventures is already playing out in my head as I add things to my adventure list. I’m not sure where I heard about “Childlike abandon” before, but I instantly gravitated to it and it has been a welcome escape ever since. It’s a balance if you will, to shed light onto tough and serious situations. And sometimes life has a way of getting serious all too often. 

(It’s almost ironic, but I wrote this post yesterday, just didn’t get a chance to post it. While I sit here and proof read it one last time, the storm clouds have already moved back in and circumstances change in an instance. But such is life, right? A series of tests and challenges that mold us into our higher self and life goes on.) In the end, even more reason to find balance….

So what does it really mean to nourish the childlike little girl/boy within ourselves? 

It is remembering back to your childhood, the times spent with less worry and responsibility. It’s an encouragement to throw caution to the wind and be carefree as much as possible. 
It is about forgetting your adult problems and allowing yourself to become a big child. I have frequently received this title and I wear it proudly. It’s not an insult to me and to me it’s rather a compliment and a attitude that gives me a certain amount of freedom. Attitude is contagious and perhaps more people could benefit from this approach if they would only allow themselves to drift. Forget about control for a moment. 

If you have children yourself, take a moment to slow down and watch them play. Hear their genuine and innocent laughter emerge from the bottom of their hearts. There is not a care in the world and it is only that moment that matters and which is to be enjoyed. There are no deadlines to keep and no time limits that restrain and rush. Go play out the role of a princess or be that mighty villain, get into your role and make each other squeal in delight. Harvest the feeling of pure joy and I promise you won’t be able to stop smiling. 

Play house, or cowboys and Indians like I used to with my Mom…we still talk about it today because it usually ended with us collapsing on the kitchen floor in laughter a d laughter is good for the soul. Pull out your stick gun and get into character, make sure your voice plays along with it and your demeanor matches your role. Feel the sense of wonder and innocence, the love for simplicity that is growing within. I bet it might leave you wanting more and more silliness as time goes on and the more you play the more fun you have.

Childlike abandon is creative and has something else in abundance which is imagination. Pure and innocent, it’s a true sense of wonder. We giggle as all trouble is removed from our veins and the sweet smell of life is intoxicating our senses. I feel myself drifting and find myself on a stroll through wonderland. Everything is beautiful and colorful. It’s a great day to be alive and life is filled with adventure and discovery.

As we grow up that sense of childlike abandon is removed and we have to act “grown up”. We have to be able to take things seriously and act rationally. Have you ever heard somebody say “Don’t be so childish”? Most likely it left you feeling insulted, as if you received a command to get yourself together, to focus and to be mature. Of course there is a time and place for everything and sometimes we have to be serious, but I would challenge you to never lose that childlike abandon. Life is much more and there is magic to be found everywhere. 

Here are a few things you can do to nourish your inner child
Live in the present and lose yourself to abandon

Forget about the money and the responsibilities for a little while 

Get lost in the feeling

Play without a care

Laugh with all your might and laugh a lot. Do it loud and unrestricted

Stay curious and live without limits

Do something a little wild, something perhaps out of the ordinary. Normal is boring and normal won’t stand out in your memory. So go for it and create the memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. (*personal fav)

Be that little rebel shouting “Rebel Yell” from the top of your lungs. 

Dance like no one is watching 

Build a great sand castle  

Jump into that puddle and get dirty (with or without rain boots 😉)

Fly a kite at the beach

Collect unique treasure such as seashells, rocks and things that connect you back to nature

Take a walk in the rain and let the tears of heaven cleanse your soul

Take a series of silly pictures to hold on to the moment

Take a bubble bath (lots of bubbles) and don’t forget to bring the rubber ducky and other bath toys

Never fully grow up and never lose your sense of wonder. 

Most of all have fun and enjoy yourself. Xoxoxo




8 thoughts on “Childlike abandon

  1. Love it! I called it “reconnecting to the child-like innocence I once knew” and I guess we mean the same thing. It’s not childish at all, it’s actually more mature and balanced than the one-dimensional rational adult-only version of ourselves, I feel.


    1. I totally agree and I’m glad you have found your way to experience this no matter what it is we call it. In a society that is so strict with so many expectations of how one should behave, most continue to pretend to maintain a certain front while locking that part away. I believe there is so much pure joy to be missed. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate you.

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