En Route to Ruby Lake

As Yosemite remains under snow in the higher elevations and the plowing of Tioga road is slow going, it will probably be until July before I get to visit the park. Maybe a birthday trip will be in order, which is actually not a bad idea. Plans shall be made and I love this kind of planning. It starts with a thought that comes to mind and seconds later you hold on to a date and it’s pretty much a done deal. You are practically there already and all there is left to do are just a few technicalities and date off requests. 

I already can’t wait, but until then, I am reminiscent of the many amazing spots within Yosemite and surrounding areas of this amazing place. I have been blessed with visits to so many different places along the Sierra from Reno all the way down to Lone Pine and Cottonwood Lakes. 

This picture was taken of a small pond and my beautiful mountains in the background while hiking to Ruby Lake. I could have easily stayed there for awhile and all you have to do is just look at that place, but Ruby Lake is definitely worth pushing on and you won’t be disappointed. We actually returned twice to marvel in the beauty of the lake and to take in all its beauty. Some places you just can’t get enough and they never get old. Ruby Lake had a great ruling rock as well that was perfect for sunbathing while extending into the lake. (I will show you the lake in another post). But you really have to see it for yourself as pictures hardly capture the feel of this majestic scenery. 

In the end I can only hope that the images I post will prepare and inspire you enough to make the great outdoors your destination. Wishing you safe steps along the way as you chase your own memories and special moments.

Xo……. ❤


10 thoughts on “En Route to Ruby Lake

    1. Agreed and there are so many favorite places in and around Yosemite all,the way down to Lone Pine and cottonwood Lakes.
      Gaylor Lakes is beautiful as well and I remember the steep but luckily short climb over the ridge into paradise. I actually posted a few pictures in a prior post not too long ago and I’m pretty sure I named it Gaylor Lakes.


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