Monochrome Memories

My friend Marcus recently reminded about the beauty of Monochrome photography. Although I am a huge fan of black and white photography, I was surprised of the lack of those said images lately. For the most part I have taken picture as seen with the naked eye, but with little to no artistic value. Sure the composition has to be right and you need the vision of what you want to fill your frame with, but I haven’t played much with enhancing these images further or shooting in different settings. 

Another lol moment followed with a heart touching compliment came from my friend Colin. After posting Burney Falls, Colin asked me if I lived in middle earth or Narnia and it brought a huge smile to my face. Further he wanted to know if I ever considered gathering my photos and publish them in a book. It actually was a long forgotten thought I dabbled with a long time ago. A thought that got lost in the shuffle until Colin reminded me of it the other day and I am back to considering if I should actually pursue the idea. What do you think? 

Here is a picture from my hike last week in Plumas Eureka near my house. The road was still partially snowed in and we hiked up the dirt path to get to this waterfall. Snowmelt has washed out parts of the road and it is amazing how much destruction and damage in the form of fallen trees a strong winter can leave behind. A reminder that the force of Mother Nature can not be underestimated. This picture was on top of the waterfall and I thought it was a fitting subject to turn into a little drama and a quote that speaks to my current life. Later, we conquered what was the hugest ruling rock ever, with a view to die for that covered the entire area in 360 all the way around. It doesn’t get much better….


11 thoughts on “Monochrome Memories

  1. Well, I for one definitely think that you should gather your pictures together into a book, I am glad that my random question has stirred something inside long forgotten.
    I hope you pursue it you have a great eye for photography, and you should be recognised for it

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  2. I agree that your pictures and the story that goes with them have an energy and an earnest love of the outdoor that leaps off the page. And about the monochrome, I think that is why Ansel Adams wilderness images were so powerful even today.

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