Stormy Yosemite 

The clearing of Tioga Road has begun, it is still snowed in and for me it is the passage into Yosemite from my corner of the world. There are other ways to get into the park, but they do present a huge detour and much time left on the road vs. roaming the park. We’ve done it before, but unless you can stay there for a few days, it truly is something to consider if it’s worth it. This picture was taken at Glacier Point from my favorite ruling rock (what I call a rock that I have claimed for the day or however long I decide and which oversees the lay of the land). Not every rock will do and it always has to offer at least a view and be level enough for taking a good nap without sliding off. 

The weather changed quickly and thick, dark storm clouds started to roll in. You could see the rain move over the land in a distant cloud, unleashing it’s tears to cleanse the earth. Lightning followed and lightning rods and bolts seemingly touched the ground. A dangerous place to be during a thunderstorm since Yosemite has much exposed granite that attracts the lightning even more. You can literally feel the electricity with your hair may standing up. You are way too close if you ever do and you need to get out of there asap. For me, it was all happening within a safe distance and I decided to stay and watch for awhile. Fascinated from childhood on, it was hard to tear myself away and I’m glad I stayed to get a few neat shots. 

This one shows Nevada Falls to the right of the picture. Liberty Cap is to the left of the Falls with Half Dome dominating even further left. The background shows the high country with some of it’s valleys and peaks of long forgotten glaciers that once covered and carved this magnificent landscape. 


16 thoughts on “Stormy Yosemite 

  1. That is a great shot! Puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it? The timelessness of that place, and whether one lifetime or each in turn, for a thousand lifetimes looked over from Glacier Point, the view would still be timeless.

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    1. True and wise words and that place just never gets old. I’m lucky to live relatively close to it and no matter how many times I have visited, it always holds magic for me and allows me to breath deeply.


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