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Planting the seeds….

It was in the literal sense that I planted a few seeds last week. I felt the urge and the desire to grow some beautiful flowers and perhaps I felt like getting my hands dirty in a more soothing way then usual. Just a little while ago, I had bought three little flower growing kits, a Sunflower, a Lily and a Daisy. All favorite flowers and I’m surprised that this is my very first attempt to grow them myself. There they sat for a couple of weeks as I got too busy to tend to the kit to get it started. That was until last Wednesday, and in no time I gently pushed a few seeds into each planter while misting the soil afterwards to provide nourishment and the environment to stimulate growth. Today my sunflowers started to peak through the dirt and I find myself checking them every other hour. Protective and caring, I have to ensure that the conditions are perfect for them to grow strong and tall. I think they did grow some more from this morning and I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers develop as I watch their progress.

The whole process of planting the seeds was gentle and calming to my soul and reminded me of the seeds we all plant daily. The seeds of our lives, the ones defined by the ACTIONS we take and the CHOICES we make. Maybe the result are not immediately visible, and our seeds remain planted over time, hopefully growing into the RESULTS of a beautiful flower. The choice is ours of how our path will look like, if it is lined with beautiful flowers or if it is scarce with our flowers never quite able to break through the surface to find their unique beauty. 

Are we going to stand tall and grow, or are we going to get swallowed up and lost in the dirt? Every day anew we are granted another chance to plant our seeds and to get it right. To grasp the opportunity to grow our LIFE-PATH full of beautiful flowers. To enjoy the sweet smell of what is to come and live with a lust for life that keeps our seeds protected and contagious to all we come in contact with. The choice is ours…..

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Thinking about seeing this cutie soon who is another resident of the Animal Ark, a wildlife sanctuary close to my house. His name is Ringo and he is a little rascal and a bit mischievous. The Animal Ark is a small area, in a park like setting that most people would walk through within an hour. Not me and it becomes an all day event, with picnic and watching the various feeding times, perhaps several times throughout the day hahaha. 

The first animals I usually rush to are my Bears which are my favorite animals in life (besides all the others). I choose the bear because I always felt a connection and maybe it’ because I see them as being wild, strong and free. I relate to their spirit and perhaps base my own life off of these values. Always having to be strong, believing in he wild choice and the liberating freedom that often comes with it. 

The freedom is removed from their life living at the ark, but it’s an amazing place with great habitats and loving caretakers. Without the animal ark, these animals would not be around and therefore I’m grateful this wonderful place exists and has given these amazing creatures a second chance at life. ❤ xoxoxo

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Lust for life

One of my favorite singers and a voice that always cuts down to the core with purity and intend for me. Delivering a message that commands being heard and taken notice of.

Music is the universal language that we all relate to through feelings being evoked, and the way it can brighten our day or make us pause in thought. A genre for every occasion has always been my motto and my mood plays a role in what I listen to at any given time.

I have always loved music and believe that music often starts where words end to convey. You might be surprised when I say that despite my love for it, I find myself driving in silence more and more often. And yet other times when it is too quiet and I need a little rhythm, I love for the lyrics to carry me away.

I heard this song tonight for the first time and it seems fitting. I want to pay it forward. As I ponder the lyrics for myself, I am reminded that without a passion and a lust for life, what would there ever be? Life will beat you down and I am climbing my way back up. It’s not always easy and it hurts at times, but you heard the old saying that it is not a matter of how many times you fall, but a matter of rising again, stronger and braver then ever, with a lust for life that never fades.



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Earth Day 

April 22nd is the anniversary and celebration of Earth Day, a modern environmental movement that started in 1970. Numerous events and gatherings are scheduled in my home town to mark this anniversary and to celebrate the occasion. 

I have to admit that it is not the events that call me and why I wish that I was off today, but it is the solitude I yearn for, the peace and quiet as well as a visit to Mother Nature herself. I wish I could indulge in her comforting ways and drown out the noise. I will have to postpone my adventure and remember another beautiful spot for today, until I can lay down and rest, feeling deeply connected with our earth and the heartbeat to our very existence. 

Happy Earth Day…..take care of each other and this beautiful place we live in.

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El Santo 

I have a wildlife sanctuary near my house that I visit at least once every year for support and of course I love to hang out with a few friends such as El Santa the Leopard. I have found that it is best to go on cloudy days when the animals are more active and don’t sleep the day away in the heat of the sun. 

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Wide awake

After what I can only describe as a series of spiritual awakening, my curiosity was peaked. A hunger was born, so strong and eager that I wanted to learn more and research whatever……As my perception was shifting and taking on new norms, all I wanted was to make sense of the way I was feeling. I really didn’t know what I was looking for or where to find it, but intuition had it to always throw a few little stepping stones into my path, that seemed to land at the perfect moment. These stepping stones would soon become my reassurance that I wasn’t going crazy but that I was following the right path. They became the explanations and the “Aha” moments to prior occurrences that might have not made sense before. They were the answers to things that left me baffled and the moments when I struggled to explain what was happening. Lost for words, unable to make sense, I decided to keep those experiences to myself. Often it was nothing more then a feeling, a hunch, strange and unfamiliar, appearing out of nowhere. How do you explain and articulate something like intuition, with no facts to back, but a gut feeling so strong and only experienced by you? I knew with utter certainty that I had never experienced anything like this before, yet there was a calm and a sense of being guided that seemed comforting and put me at ease. I remember being open as I was trusting whatever it was that was happening and in the process of it I believe that my senses developed to a different level. Maybe they had always been there, but it was now that I learned to tap into this power. One of those gifts and a curse at the same time was seeing things that were mostly hidden from everyone else. I started to see them for what they were and often they would include the characteristics of people and their true intentions. The true colors that faded into nothing more then a transparency, requiring no effort reading on my part. The statement of seeing someone’s true colors took in an entirely new meaning during that time and I’m still deciding if I like it or not. I think sometimes ignorant bliss keeps us safer.

The stages of spiritual awakening was a transition period for me in which I learned what was acceptable and what I would no longer tolerate. Born into this life a long time ago, it felt as if life was just beginning for me. It was then that my own values and beliefs came to the surface and it was then that I started to pursue my own individuality. In a sense it was a phase of coming home to my own unique self accepting self while undergoing a transition of knowledge and wisdom you could say.

So who goes through these stages of spiritual awakening and who doesn’t? Do we all experience every step and how do we know? I’m no expert but I would say that it is different from person to person, but with everybody, one thing is for certain and there is always a catalyst, something dramatic, soul shattering in your life that triggers one of those steps. It is timing and being ready with awareness as the teacher will only appear when the student is ready to learn. It is being fed up with your current conditions, fed up to a point of questioning the status quo while searching for your individual purpose that is unique to only yourself. It’s not being the occasional upset or being tired about something, but it is that intolerable feeling you can’t shake and something’s that will return with increased frequency as it is beckoning for a change. And this change has to fit nobody but you, there is only one life to live and that is yours without approval of anybody else.



Going through these steps, I would like to believe that I have grown as a person. I believe that I have experienced all steps and that they offered valuable lessons and experiences along my way. Slowly but surely the pieces align and fall into harmony with my highest self and who I was meant to be. And yet I can’t help but wonder if I am fully awake. If there is more to learn and if I will look back on this, yet feeling that I have evolved once more? We always think that we know it all and have all of our experiences under our belt in our current situation, but I also know that I might find myself in the least bit surprised if those steps and lessons deepen and yet get richer with added experience.


You can check these individual steps here and find my own examples that might shed clarity and light onto your own experiences. Maybe just like me, some of these signs can make sense and reveal your own path of coming home to your unique beautiful self.


Spiritual awakening – Stage 1

Spiritual awakening – Stage 2

Spiritual awakening – Stage 3 

Spiritual awakening – Stage 4

Spiritual awakening – Stage 5 

Spiritual awakening – Stage 6

Spiritual awakening – Stage 7