A new home for “Hope”

A little plush bear named “Hope” came into my life a few days ago and I’m sure a little child lost it along the way. Unaware, it probably fell out of a stroller or was dropped otherwise. I can’t be sure of what happened, but I believe that I was meant to find it. Once again, I really don’t know why I felt drawn to it and despite carrying my own bundle, it wasn’t that I had given up on hope or that I needed help. But sometimes we don’t realize that we do and in hindsight, I believe that this was not really about me at all and it had to do with something much greater then me. Loved ones and friends around me were struggling to keep hope alive as they were faced with day to day challenges that tucked at the very core existence of their beliefs. It made things appear hopeless in the moments of despair and sometimes it’s just plain exhausting to always be so strong. In the end we really have no other choice and I wonder what is left if we don’t have hope? Somehow, this little bear was a reminder to help the ones struggling around me, to instill hope whenever I could, to not forget to pay it forward and to be there when needed. The little bear was unusual in the sense of that it was kneeling, with it’s tiny little paws clenched together in prayer. Eyes closed, it appeared to be in deep thought, praying with all it’s might. I had never seen a bear like this before and for several days it remained at the place of where I found it, in case it’s rightful owner would return to claim it back. But that never happened and eventually “Hope” found a new home within my own four walls as a symbol for everybody out there that needs a little help. 

On a side note, I had my own plush teddy bears as a child, (what am I really talking about), I still have some now. I don’t remember if it was one of the famous Steiff Bears, but I remember their arms and legs were moving, as well as their head. Steiff was founded in Germany in 1880, by Margarete Steiff and all bears wear the in ear button trademark that distinguishes each unique bear and symbolizes a product of the highest quality, which also has the according price tag that follows. It will probably be the next thing in line with the bizarre and unexplained other things that I will want for no reason, but for now I’m ok with the reminder of hope. 

Hope is essential in our quest of never giving up and anything else is simply not optional.


12 thoughts on “A new home for “Hope”

  1. That bear came into your life for a reason, and that reason is to tell you that to keep hanging on to that hope. As I am learning that is a really hard thing to do at this time of my life. But something that is all we have in the end to hang onto. But another great post! And again, there is a reason why that bear is in your house now, and if it has brought hope to people on this site, then that bear did it’s mission for sure. At least I would want to think that it fulfilled it’s mission. See, I just learned a little bit more about hope with that last sentence I wrote. Funny how that word works… 🙂

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