Crater Lake – Oregon

Here are a few more pictures from Crater Lake in Oregon and the upper picture was taken on top of Wizard Island. It’s a cindercone within the lake that can be reached by a short boatride. The trail up to the top is short and moderately steep, but your time is limited on the island as you find yourself adhering to a boat schedule. We could have stayed longer, but our time was cut short because of that and in the end we had to rush back down to not miss the boat all together. You would never imagine that once on top of the cone, you actually find a rim that circles it and you can hike a little ways down inside the crater. Pretty neat….

The picture below was taken sitting on the lake rim with a view of Phantom Ship. Another boatride can be taken to circle the formation that got it’s name from mysteriously appearing out of the fog. A little creepy but absolutely gorgeous on a sunny day, which removes every little ounce of spook. I was actually hoping to get a few mysterious shots, but we missed the fog and only got the bright sunny shots that emphasized the cool blue. Not all that bad either and I will post some close ups soon. 😉


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