Wizard Island

This picture offers a view of Wizard Island located at Crater Lake. I remember it being the bluest waters (that shade of blue) that I have ever seen, and I will never forget hiking the rim of this volcano. Both the outer rim that surrounds the lake and the the rim on top of a Wizard Island. We took the boat tour to Wizard, which is a cindercone in the lake and it offers a hiking trail to the top of the crater. Once on top, the trail follows the rim and you can even hike a little ways down inside the bowl or just enjoy the 360 degree views of your magnificent surroundings. I wouldn’t mind going back and spending some additional time there. 


9 thoughts on “Wizard Island

    1. You won’t regret it and boat tour up to Wizard Island allows you limited time up on the cinder cone if you decide to go as it adheres to schedules. You can also take a boat tour circling phantom ship, another formation in the lake that got its name from the the shape of the rock. Very cool and an up close experience with the bluest of blue waters. I’ll post another picture featuring a view of phantom ship from the rim of the lake soon. 😉

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    1. I know it gets crazy there with snow and I was there in august and all was cleared by then. I will post another picture from the rim and one with view of phantom ship. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, much appreciated 😉

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