Thinking about seeing this cutie soon who is another resident of the Animal Ark, a wildlife sanctuary close to my house. His name is Ringo and he is a little rascal and a bit mischievous. The Animal Ark is a small area, in a park like setting that most people would walk through within an hour. Not me and it becomes an all day event, with picnic and watching the various feeding times, perhaps several times throughout the day hahaha. 

The first animals I usually rush to are my Bears which are my favorite animals in life (besides all the others). I choose the bear because I always felt a connection and maybe it’ because I see them as being wild, strong and free. I relate to their spirit and perhaps base my own life off of these values. Always having to be strong, believing in he wild choice and the liberating freedom that often comes with it. 

The freedom is removed from their life living at the ark, but it’s an amazing place with great habitats and loving caretakers. Without the animal ark, these animals would not be around and therefore I’m grateful this wonderful place exists and has given these amazing creatures a second chance at life. ❤ xoxoxo


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