Lust for life

One of my favorite singers and a voice that always cuts down to the core with purity and intend for me. Delivering a message that commands being heard and taken notice of.

Music is the universal language that we all relate to through feelings being evoked, and the way it can brighten our day or make us pause in thought. A genre for every occasion has always been my motto and my mood plays a role in what I listen to at any given time.

I have always loved music and believe that music often starts where words end to convey. You might be surprised when I say that despite my love for it, I find myself driving in silence more and more often. And yet other times when it is too quiet and I need a little rhythm, I love for the lyrics to carry me away.

I heard this song tonight for the first time and it seems fitting. I want to pay it forward. As I ponder the lyrics for myself, I am reminded that without a passion and a lust for life, what would there ever be? Life will beat you down and I am climbing my way back up. It’s not always easy and it hurts at times, but you heard the old saying that it is not a matter of how many times you fall, but a matter of rising again, stronger and braver then ever, with a lust for life that never fades.




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