Monterey shoreline

Well I usually post pictures of my mountains but I love the ocean as well and water has always had a calming effect. Whether it is a trickle or the waves crashing in, the rhythmic sound is soothing to my soul and I usually fall asleep on the beach. 

This shot was taken just down the road from the Monterey aquarium in California. We bought tickets for one day but actually got a two day admission for the prize of one. It’s still somewhat unbelievable that we spent two full days inside the aquarium never getting bored once. From watching the feeding of the sea otters (my favorite little critters) to the clumsy puffin Pinguins, to the open sea with turtles and sharks swimming in the giant tank, it was a mesmerizing experience. Do you think you could stay for two full days? 


13 thoughts on “Monterey shoreline

  1. Beautiful, and I remember Monterey very well, having been there a few times. I’m also a bit torn between mountains and sea. My plan is to visit the shore of the Pacific Ocean on Saturday. And the Columbia Gorge on Sunday. So I have both, if all goes well. Surf and Turf 🙂 ! Have a great day!

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  2. What is the flower on the right of the picture saying to the one on the far left you think? If I had to answer this, I would think that they would be talking about if this is heaven, please don’t wake us from our dream. Just my thoughts on these flowers…

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