Life is short 

This picture was taken on the way to Ducks Lake near Mammoth Lakes. We stopped at the upper lake and at the foot of Ducks pass. I watched a group heading up the pass on horseback and from a distance they looked like tiny little needle heads, slowly moving up the switchbacks of the trail. You could easily lose them if you took your eyes off for a moment.

I promised to return to climb the pass another time, but I’m beginning to wonder if this will be possible this year. The snow continues to fall in the Sierra and I’m sure the pass is buried under a thick snow cover. Tonight I almost feel a sense of nostalgia as I realize I might not get another chance because I might run out of time waiting for another year. 

And yet there is another lesson and reminder when it comes to life. We wait all of our life…..and we put things off.

We wait for the right moment, the right timing, until things are better, until we can afford it, until, until, until. Tonight I ponder the “until” and to not give it that much flexibility over my life. We never know what chances we will have in the future and if we get another try. Maybe, just maybe we shouldn’t always so patiently wait for the “until”, but with every fiber of our being push towards the “just make it happen”. 

And tonight I think about my friend Kyle who is preparing for his triple crown victory and the adventure of a lifetime. I will make a new post soon of how we crossed paths by accident and what an inspiration he has been in my life. I do believe like minded souls are meant to meet and help each other along the way. To inspire and give strength, to help make dreams come true and to give us that much needed kick if we need it. Make it happen sooner then later he would say because after all the journey is the destination. 


14 thoughts on “Life is short 

  1. “I promised to return to climb the pass another time…” I do that all the time. Promising myself that “I’ll be back soon,” to a place is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes, though. For small things like Renaissance Festival that I go to every year with my friend/friends/or husband, I know I’ll be back in the next year to have fun again at Ren Fest. But for times that I like visit England (that ONE time…) I know that I can’t be back “soon.” I have no idea when I can be back. Or when I can be back to explore other places in Europe (as you know I want to), or go on a cruise again. I want to do so much, but where my husband and I are, we don’t have the money now. I hope one day it’s easier on us, but right now it’s not feasible for much traveling. I’m rambling a bit, but your post made me think of all the places I want to go. Now, I suppose we can take the “life is short” lesson many ways, like doing things you enjoy doing while you’re alive. Spending time with loved ones, spending more time at home, in the backyard, or reading a good book!

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    1. Absolutely and the message was to take that time more often. Whether it is in travel or in other things we put off. There needs to be a healthy balance and we should prioritize these things and realize how important and vital they are for our overall being. Hugs

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  2. What an inspiring piece. As you said, we should not always wait for the right moment and make it happen instead. Life may not throw the same opportunity twice so taking it from the start is always better.

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    1. For sure and while there us always timing involved, i feel we procrastinate too much at times. Now is the moment and why not live a little now? Another chance nay not always come along.
      Thank you for stopping by and your kind words.

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  3. Don’t wait for life to happen. Live it now. And live it beautifully! I think you’re doing a pretty darn good job of that Moonshine 😉 I’m stunned by how beautiful that place is…so much to see out there. I bow to your inspiration 🙂

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    1. Haha that is funny you mention this. I had an internet outage all day and I’m just now back online. In the meantime I wrote a segment I’m about to post and that is exactly about that….and not waiting 😉. We are spiritually connected as always my wolf sister.

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