White Pelican

Another spirit animal crossed my path yesterday. I was out for a short stroll not too far from my house and the weather was kind of dreary. I wanted to get out and parked the Jeep at what seemed like the end of the line. That was as far as the road was plowed and not wanting to get stuck, I made my way on foot through the snowy path. The road passed a snowed in campground and led down to the boat ramp. I have been to this lake many times before, but I never stopped at the boat ramp and always carried on to nearby places. I sat down at the edge, overlooking the water and the sun felt nice when it managed to peak through the clouds. The dock was warm and perfect as I sat in silence and allowed my soul to became still. What followed was a moment of disbelief creeping in and I couldn’t believe that I had missed this beautiful spot in all the years. I knew it would be crowded in the summer months and most likely inaccessible, but today this place was mine without disturbances and I was going to enjoy it deeply. 

A white pelican landed on the waters of Frenchman’s Lake and at first from a distance I thought it was a white crane. It was a pelican though and I watched him peacefully float across the water in front of me. I don’t remember ever seeing a pelican there so it leads me to believe, that given it was out of the ordinary, that this was a sign, a message that was to be conveyed. I don’t know how I know of why I believe this, it’s a gut feeling, intuition as all the other times and I have no doubt about it. 

When a pelican crosses your path, the message is that you are in need for some time dedicated to yourself. A message that urges you to go inward because something in your life is slightly off kilter and needs balancing. The pelican is a reminder to spend time with family and friends, as well as yourself to bring balance and focus back into your life. 
Pelican also teaches us to take it easy even in the most stressful of times and it’s a lesson I try to incorporate as often as possible. It’s almost like a reward for me and something that keeps me going while it brings a certain level of balance. With everything going on in my life, with big decisions ahead and things definitely off kilter, I am not surprised about this spirit animal showing up in my life. I find it amazing as the animal kingdom and Mother Nature seem to hold all of the answers if we take time to listen. 

Just like the pelican was floating across the lake we are reminded to float through life and through our emotions. Life can’t be all work and no play because in the end it will be those play moments that will stand out and be the ones that you remember as your fondest moments. So make sure to take time out for yourself, and to help bring balance to your own hectic. Savor each special moment as they all add up and count. What would you answer if somebody asked you about your last special moment? Do you remember the last time? 

Pelican also reminds us that it is ok to ask for help and that we don’t always have to tackle everything alone. Some projects require a village to complete them, so don’t be afraid and just ask.


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