Spreading the Gaiman Love and Creating Deep Friendships Through Words.

I recently made a blog post about Kamalini’s passion for Neil Gaiman and today she reblogged my post and has left me humbled and honored with her kind words. Not only am I inspired by her amazing writing talents and skills, the art of storytelling that seems to flow effortlessly from her lips, but she inspires me with a heart so big that stands for human rights, compassion and everything good in this world.
I had to share her own words with you to give you a deeper insight into her world as I struggle to find the words to even come close to describe this beautiful spirit.
I hope you stop by and show her some love. People like her are special to our society and make all the difference. People like her deserve the best this world has to offer as we do our best to take care of each other, recognizing and celebrating one person at a time.
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend….

Of Tales & Dreams

My weird obsession with Neil Gaiman became public knowledge ever since I started this blog in 2016. I’m currently on a major ‘life cleanse’ but had to share this post today. One of my first followers, who would soon become a very special burst of stardust to me, was RHAPSODYBOHÈME . I truly feel that some friendships have been pre-carved somewhere out there in space, waiting for you to find each other. Her blog is truly inspirational and her deep love of nature reminds me that warrior women of the earth still exist. On my worst days, I look at the photographs she shares and it fuels the dreams I’ve set for myself in the past two years. It reminds me that however beautiful my present may be, my future is going to be dazzling with more magic and beauty. She often has to read my posts about Neil Gaiman (NOT…

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3 thoughts on “Spreading the Gaiman Love and Creating Deep Friendships Through Words.

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my wolfish heart 🙂 I hope you get something (even if it’s very small) out of the book! Neil Gaiman is a rockstar of words…keep on spreading your glitter across the world my friend. Biggest cyber hugs EVER!

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