The Storks are back in town

I remember taking this picture on a warm summer evening. Walking “The wall”  in Rothenburg o.d.T. near my home in Germany,  this medieval romantic beauty holds a special spot in my heart. The sun was setting and casting a warm golden glow over the cityscape. Alpenglow, my favorite time of day, when all outlines become soft and the harshness fades. When the light becomes warm and shadows vanish, when the flat turns into magical shades of orange and red. It’s also one of my favorite times to shoot pictures.

A stork was nesting on a tall rooftop near one of the many churches and I loved the added whimsical touch it gave to this picture. Storks are common in Germany and you can see in the picture that some of the rooftops boast a wrought iron round wheel that becomes the base of the nests. The nest of a stork can be found high up in the sky, safe from many pretators as they return year after year back to their old nesting grounds. 

On a trip through the country with my Mom in 2015, we counted over 50 storks and it became a game of who could spot the next one first. She had a slight advantage of course as I was driving and had to watch out for other things besides storks, but that’s ok. By the way, Mom is back at home from the hospital and I will catch up with her to tomorrow. I am still unsure what tests were performed, for what reason and what the findings were. I’m hopeful to find out more (good news) tomorrow and take comfort in the meantime that she was released. Thank you so much for all of your well wishes, healing thoughts and prayers for Mom. Xoxoxo


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