Got Balls?

I took this picture in Seattle as I was on my way to see the Space needle. I had no particular reason as to why I shot it, nothing other than it appealed to me in some way. 

I came across it tonight while I was digging through some older pictures and I smiled thinking of the first thing that came to mind. My smile was provoked by the thought that sometimes you just got to have balls in life to stand up for what you believe in. To be yourself, even if it means to go against the grain. And then there are those other times where you can’t take life all that serious and just maybe it is during those times that you just have to have a ball and relax. 

I believe there is always a silver lining to everything, but whatever scenario you might find yourself in today, I’m wishing and hoping that you got balls. 😉


8 thoughts on “Got Balls?

  1. Well this crane would think that there was a reason to shooting this picture and it’s purpose. But the purpose for me was to laugh at how you titled the post. Got balls? And you made this crane smile today once again, and that is hard for me to do lately, so with this all said tiger, mission accomplished on this post!!

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      1. A record indeed lol given I have never tried. You would smile every day if I seriously tried or put my mind to it. I’m glad it made you smile and some days you just got to call it like it is. Well and some days you just have to “Got Balls” 😉

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