Puffalo Billcasso 

One of my quirky paintings and a moment where imagination did get the best of me. I hope it makes you smile and yes, I am easily amused. 

It’s a collaboration between Buffalo Bill and Pablo Picasso and that is where the silly name was born. 


22 thoughts on “Puffalo Billcasso 

      1. Well there is nothing wrong with stick people and I will show one of them drawings at some point, I still think I have one on the post it somewhere in my office. Sometime I will show you my office in pictures as well so that you can see the beauty of this office.

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    1. Keep trying, you should see my first ones lol. Bad bad bad like a kindergartener, but then hey nothing wrong with that either and some people find humor and art in stick people 😉.
      Write ya tomorrow after work. Big big hugs my dear sister. Xo

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