Tears from heaven 

It was early evening when the howling winds started to pick up. Trees were bending and stretching under the sudden gusts that threw dirt and old remnants from last fall up against my window. Leaves, prior hidden and tugged away in some cranny were found and lifted up into the air, twirling weightlessly like little mini tornadoes. I watched them dance across the sky, completely mesmerized and fascinated, although it was fairly common and must have appeared mostly insignificant if somebody would have watched me. I’m sure they would have wondered what it was that had me so engaged, but to me it was fairytale like and I was captivated in every sense. It was during those moments that I felt as if I was watching an innocent play, a game of give and take where all of the characters were playing a certain role. The spectacle continued until the next wind gust rushed by and took away the playful setting, eliminating the dance while wiping out all of its traces. Like a bullet train, fast, taking everything within it’s path, the play ended abruptly and my dancing friends, the leaves were swooped away. I went to sit at the pub table, still watching the play and the scene repeat itself over and over. The afternoon breeze was picking up in strengths as the gusts became more frequent and stronger. Like the leaves, I soon became weightless and my gaze fell into a daydreaming state of mind. Eyes fixed, starring into the same direction, the storm inside of me became quiet. It wasn’t long until I compared the play, the dance of being taken away in an instance to life itself. Sometimes a dance, simple and playful, only to be whisked away by the storms that would surely follow. A constant push and pull, a give and take, stretching and bending us, while carrying us away to unfamiliar locations. 

I kept watching Mother Natures play at will as a quote popped into my mind. I had seen this quote a long time ago and always thought to have understood it. Seeing it again today, I saw it with a deeper meaning and knew that my interpretation had changed due to greater insight, wisdom and spiritual knowledge. 

I looked up to the sky and noticed the various patches of gray, the lighter areas and the dark ominous patches that were growing bigger, signaling what was soon to follow. The weather man indicated rain and snow for the higher elevations and the sky was a tell tell sign that any moment it would unleash it’s tears to fall from heaven. A belief I had from little on and I can’t remember if somebody told me this, or if it was just my own truth and interpretation of the rain. I remembered it today and the rain was indicating that the heavens were crying and in need of cleansing the land. Tears would fall out of the sky as it turned darker and darker. I liked it and I stood waiting and watching as the first drops hit the patio deck. At first it was only tiny tears falling until quickly they gained volume and size and the new intensity was pounding the deck. 

The rain provided an added element to the dancing leaves that were still rushing by the window from time to time. But as far as the dance, it had mostly stopped in the gusty conditions and the increase of the wind. I watched the leaves fly by in a big swoosh as the rain was carried sideways passed my window. It was the wind that blew the leaves and tears to a new spot, a new destination, away from the original target. You could say it landed off course and in unfamiliar territory if you will. Much like we do in life when our storms carry us away. 

I’ve always been drawn to the weather and I would sit on the wide window sills at my Mom’s house whenever there was a lightning storm. I never felt fear but I was captivated by the dancing, sudden streaks of light that illuminated the night sky. Get away from the window Mom would say,  but I couldn’t tear myself apart and naturally I would remain. To this day weather brings something magical to me, especially when it comes to my pictures. I have to say that I love all seasons as they all have their own beauty and contribute to the beautiful canvas of our earth, but weather always adds that extra.

The animals stayed away during the storm and I was thinking of “Dirty Jake” who had stuffed his cheeks just a bit more the day before the storm hit. It all made perfect sense now as he was preparing for the fury so he could out wait the wet and howling conditions. I could still hear the winds throughout the evening and it was raining hard as I went to bed. There was something about being inside, about being cozy and enjoying the storm whip through the land. Peace flooded my soul and left me feeling as if I was wrapped in a warm blanket. I felt at ease, relaxed, full of comfort and contend and I was looking forward to go to bed and tuck myself in. Lying still as I was looking towards the window. It was intentionally that I left the blinds cracked and the dim light from a distant street lamp was casting a faint glow onto the glass. It was enough to see the tears run down my window as I watched in wonder, listening to the sound pounding against my window. 

It was a good sound and life was perfect in those moments. My soul was as light as the dancing leaves I had watched earlier and peacefully I drifted off into my fairytale of make belief and magic….


13 thoughts on “Tears from heaven 

    1. Thank you so much David. It means a lot and you know I always value your input.
      Guess what? Gor the first time in life I bought me some rain boots lol and I can’t wait to make a post about it. Jumping in the puddles, wet hair, maybe a struttin shirt 😉. Can you see it?

      Liked by 1 person

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