Dirty Jake & Company 

Look who came to visit today. I have a resident squirrel “Dirty Jake” who lives under my shed. He makes regular appearances, mostly daily, to collect his peanuts and veggies. He’s got his name because he loves to roll in the warm dirt and so I thought it was fitting. It’s something strange that I do and I’m not sure when I started to name all the animals. The name usually originates from characteristics or behavior. Without much effort the name just pops into my mind. I only takes one look and some logic develops as to why this animal should have this particular name and if nothing else, it makes people laugh and that’s a good thing. 

Dirty Jake has lived here for roughly three years now and we got aquatinted once I found huge holes in my flower bed. I thought it was the neighbors dog, given the size of the holes and the way they were dug, but all I did was accuse the poor pooch while he was innocent all along. It was a few days later that I heard dirt flying up against the house and yep there he was. That dirty squirrel was digging out all of my tulip bulbs. Once he saw me, he chased up the fence and sat there within a safe distance just laughing at me. He was probably not intentionally laughing, but that was what the sound reminded me off. So whether he was laughing at me or whether he was mocking me, one thing is for certain and that is that I interrupted his business, digging out these delicious tulip bulbs. And after all that ruckus, just look at that little critter, who could be mad at this little guy? I didn’t have it in my heart. Well and the rest is pretty much history and I have been feeding him ever since in exchange to leave my tulip bulbs alone. I’m not sure if it ever worked as I never replanted new ones, but there are a few that faithfully come back each year, so I’d image it did work and he prefers his peanuts now. 

He brought a friend today and the most I have ever seen were to come visit were three of them at the same time. I thought I go out and sit in the patio for awhile, but no “Dirty Jake and Jackie” were here and one, as in me, cannot disturb the animals. We might all laugh about it but I bet that those of you who have animals probably have similar stories. I’m sure you make plenty of sacrifices just like this one and I’m sure I’m not alone here. Does your dog or cat sleep in bed with you? You know what I mean when you lay there all crooked and stiff and you need to turn over but because the dog seems so comfortable, you stay in your miserable spot because you can’t disturb the animal. Am I right?

It wasn’t until today that I looked up the meaning of a squirrel passing your way. Here is what it said.
“Get ready for big chances! This could be a new job, a new relationship or a major move. Start preparing!”
Also a reminder to have more fun and be less busy. To not let life weigh you down and to lighten your load. 

Intense….and all of the above….


9 thoughts on “Dirty Jake & Company 

    1. It’s very special being able to watch them so close and love animals. They say animals can sense the Energie of others and who likes them and it’s wonderful to see these little rascals. Thank for stopping by my friend and your kind words.

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