This picture was taken during my wildflower hike the other day. I have yet to detail the short adventure and show you the rest of the pictures which will soon follow. 

I keep returning to this simple shot that is quickly growing on me. Photography remains a hobby I am passionate about and I like to explore different possibilities. I have taken tons of pictures over the years (earning me the paparazzi nickname from my family) and got lucky a few times to produce some favorites. Most of the time I know right away if I got that special shot. I see it through the viewfinder or the picture stands out at a later point. And while other shots might be decent too, it is always that one that catches your attention and has a little something extra. Other times I might have a clear vision of what I want to see and the picture develops in my mind way before it becomes reality. 

I shot this picture while taking a short break and eating my sandwich. Sitting low on the ground I aimed the camera at the grass and took 3-4 shots. I know, who takes pictures of grass right? Me apparently and to tell you the truth, I am glad this picture somehow came about. I like the simplicity of it and the beauty that can be found in the most ordinary of subjects. It carries a message of something more that meets the eye that will range from person to person. Some will like it while others won’t be able to connect. For myself, I feel calm and relaxed and I am reminded to take pleasure in the simple things. I like the blurred background (the past) that is allowing everything in the forefront (the now / current) to become the focus and be crystal clear. I am reminded that not everything has to be sharp and in focus all the time. I am humbled to slow down, smell the sweet grass and absorb Mother Nature as a part of me. 


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