Canadian Rockies

There is only enough time for a photo today until I have time to write tomorrow, but I dug out a special one. I’m taking you along to dream with me about one of my favorite places to visit and perhaps one of the most crowded one as well 😉. I remember taking this picture early in the morning prior to the crowds showing up, but despite the many people that visit this beautiful place each year, Canada will always hold a special place in my heart.

Moraine Lake – Canada…Canada you are beautiful 


16 thoughts on “Canadian Rockies

  1. Is that water really that blue? I never seen that in all my travels let me tell you. But thanks for sharing these images with everyone that comes on to your blog. I need to start taking more images myself and start to post them as well. But thank you for spirit in these amazing stories. I hope they can touch as many hearts as they can…

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