Forever Daddy’s Girl 

Today was a big day. I’m glad I got to spend some time outside, even if it meant that I got sidetracked from what I really should have been doing. I needed (wanted) to get away, on a day-trip adventure and I didn’t resist all that much as a distraction presented itself.

Today was my Dad’s birthday and it’s been nearly 43 years that he passed. It’s hard to believe at times and his passing is one thing time has not healed in all the years. Time has made it easier to accept that he will never return and come home from work, that very day he left and died, but time has also shown me that I will miss him for the rest of my days. He was a special man and it means a lot to me to have so many of his traits. A mini version of him that is not all that mini anymore.

Today was also my Mom’s big day in the hospital. My cousin texted me saying that she is doing good but now comes the wait for the results, to hopefully get some answers and see what’s next. She has been on my mind and I feel bad that I’m not there. To hold her hand and just be there other than in spirit. Sometimes that just doesn’t seem enough and you need to be there in person I think. A big “Thank you” to everybody for your kind words and prayers in regards to my Mom.

So both of my parents have been on my mind today. I look like my Mom but my soul and the silliness comes from my Dad and if I look deep inside my heart, I know that we had a special bond that can’t be broken. Even beyond death it remains strong and I know that I will be forever “Daddy’s Girl”.

I love you….❤

And now the owl has shown up and is hooting outside my window. I still have mixed emotions about the owl, but will believe in the positive and that a great honor has been bestowed upon me to be paid a visit.



8 thoughts on “Forever Daddy’s Girl 

  1. I’m thinking of you with extra special wolf love today my friend. The people we love never truly leave us. I’m so glad that your mom is doing better, that is great news! As for that owl…he is a messenger of wisdom. Look for his truths…they will be yours.

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  2. Do you ever wonder if that owl is your father sitting there telling you something? Just another thought that I had, and the reason being is because I know that he been gone for 43 years, but has he really been gone 43 years to you? I know that your thinking where I am going with this, but again this lesson is from my Master and it’s made to make you think outside the box a little bit.

    But I am glad that you posted this on your blog, it makes me think of my little coyote and it’s tells me to appreciate what is in front of me as well. Hard to think that life does what it does to us, but I will say what you said really warmed this crane heart this evening.

    And I am still praying for your mother and hope that her results come back the way you want them to come back. Good luck on this my tiger. And stay strong the best way you know how…

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    1. I don’t know and in the physical sense he had been long even though I feel him near and his touch on many occasions. He is always a part of me just as I am always a part of him. I’m proud to be like him in so many ways and my sense of humor comes from him. I believe the care he had for others and the way he carried himself, I often find myself reminded if him through my own actions.
      Thank you for your kind words.


      1. Your most welcome, and I just think that he is following you around more than your thinking at times. When my mother was murdered in 2010, I for awhile thought that she was gone for good, then I realized she has always been there for me. I know that she was killed over the drugs and drinking and that is why to this day I never been drunk, or did any drugs for that matter.

        But in the end I realize that the spirit is strong with you if you let it become you in the times of your life. And I knew she loved me inside, but I take a part of her with me everyday, and that is her beautiful smile like you seen in that picture of me and my daughter, and I take from her that even though she lived a hell of her own, that she never once didn’t believe in the spirit. And now you know where I get my spiritual side from yes, Master raised me when my mother could not, but she raised me in the sense of never stopping having hope. Sometimes hope is all we have in the end. Okay, sorry more information that you needed at this time. But just know that your spiritual side must of came from your father as well… Again just some thoughts…

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