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More signs???

I got to go outside a little yesterday, on my walk in the woods. Well it was actually more like a climb through the woods and after being sick for over a week with the flu, it seemed like a good idea to catch some fresh air. In hindsight I think it might have been a little too strenuous, plus I got cold on top of the ridge. Temperature wise it was ok, but the north winds where blowing, cold and gusty at times, putting a little kink into my picnic and being able to take the usual nap on the ground listening to Mother Earth. 

A funny thing happened in the form of a a middle aged man, who was walking towards us. We had just parked the jeep in the lot across from the pond as we spotted the man. There was a faint little side trail leading over to the waters edge where we decided to stop and eat half of our sandwich to gain a little boost of energy for the upcoming climb. As the man came closer and almost reached us, I saw him looking towards us and next I heard him say something that I couldn’t make out. Excuse me, I said looking at him, while I was waiting for him to repeat whatever it was he had said. Here I am writing about the year of the snake and here, this guy comes along, no hello, how are you doing, or anything at all, but his first and only sentence is “Have you seen any snakes?” I almost lost it in laughter as this was probably the last thing I expected to come out of his mouth and the timing couldn’t have been more brilliant. He would have never understood had I laughed as to why this was so funny and that it was merely my amazement about the timing that triggered my response, but I held it together. For a little while at least.
No buddy, no snakes here, but thanks for planting that thought into my mind now. I was totally fine until you came along I thought, wanting to say exactly that, but of course I didn’t. It was one of those things again, the candid humor that usually happens to us and leaves a smile, a lasting silly memory that has me shaking my head in disbelief about the timing. This one would become all of the above and I couldn’t help to wonder if it was just a non significant coincidence or was it something else. A sign that more change waiting for me on the horizon? I knew it would eventually and the speed of it was up to me. It was a matter of timing and realizing that I was still going through a bit of a transformation stage. Was I yet to shed another skin? I think so and as things move towards the end, they also signify the start of something new. A new beginning that can only be born from something old shedding away and no longer having meaning and purpose.

The man’s comment became the joke throughout the hike as we took turns asking each other if we had seen any snakes. Finally, after exhausting the funny out of it, I respectfully requested the joke to be dropped. There was also that element of commanding a slithering ground dwelling into your day by continuing to talk about it. It would most likely be a rattlesnake out here and I wasn’t prepared to face off with one in the midst of the trail or somewhere else close by. Nothing happened that day and no snake came within our sight, but still…..what are the chances? 
Today a day after the incident and after talking to my Mom, I lean towards believing that those were signs. The timing of writing about this spirit animal and coming across the man with his bizarre non expecting question, can’t be coincidences. Somehow I can’t accept them to be such. I believe in the signals that change is yet to come, I believe in the message that is meant for me to prepare, to get ready while using singular focus to achieve a goal. A goal perhaps a long time in the making. 

And on Wednesday my Mom has to go into the hospital again. 

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Spirit animals – 2014, the year of the snake (continued)

It had been a beautiful day at the little swimming hole and there wasn’t a worry in sight. New memories were made and the day couldn’t have been better. All packed up, we were ready to climb back out of the bowl, up to where the brush would intersect with the trail. From there it would be roughly one mile to get back to the trailhead, but first we had to cross the slippery waters once more. Wooden staff in hand, I was bracing myself while my eyes scanned the rocks to determine which route I would take. I was last to cross and just like the snowshoeing incident where I crashed hip deep into the snow, this would become one of those incidents where I was happy not to be alone. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before, but I just didn’t and perhaps I didn’t scan out ahead far enough to notice. I was concerned with my immediate footing, one step at a time I guess. And there it went, “put your right foot out” I was setting down on one of the rocks that didn’t seem to have much algae on it. It seemed like a safe step and it was, for a moment at least. My left leg was already in forward motion as all my weight shifted onto the right foot, circling in on the rock that would support the next step. Except that there was a snake sitting right on top of it. I’m sure my eyes widened big, my mouth opened wide, pure terror, “oh shit”. What followed happened all in the split of a second, yet it felt as if I was trapped in the slow motion of the nightmare to really hit home. Left leg in motion I was quickly searching for another spot to plant my foot. Anything would do other than stepping on top of the snake and the slippery algae presented no concern anymore. My weight shifted while balancing the right leg on the once believed to be safe rock, which would prove in an instant that it wasn’t all that safe after all. My supporting right leg pulled out backwards from underneath me as if I was standing on a sheet of slippery ice. My entire body launched face forward into the water, right on top of the snake. With arms extended forward my instincts automatically kicked in to brace my fall, but the horror of landing on the snake was something entirely else. I think it scarred me for life. I took in a good mouth full of water, until I could scream “Snake” to signal for help. I frantically threw my head around to find the snake to the left of me within a short distance. It was black with yellow strips and coiled on another rock out of the water while hissing at me. I had to get out of there and in a panic I tried to push myself up and out of the water. It was then that I realized that something was wrong. I couldn’t push up and noticed the bone of my left elbow staring me in the face. I had never gotten hurt or broke a bone in my entire life, but I believed that I had dislocated my elbow. 

I hit hard on the granite Boulder and besides the elbow I discovered all the scuffing and scraping on the balms of my hand. The would feel sore and bruised for weeks to come while the scratches would heal quickly. My left shin had slammed down onto a jagged rug and was bleeding. There was an intrusion and the bone seemed bruised and raised, but not broken and I could walk. Catching my breath after getting out of the water and holding my arm that was just weirdly and out of place hanging on the side of my body, we made a make shift sling out of my towel to support my arm. There was pain, but the adrenaline and my high pain tolerance made it bearable. However, I still had to climb out of the bowl and over rocks that usually require two hands to hold on to. I had to grit my teeth a few times along the way and I required help and a push from behind to push me up and over. I couldn’t rely on pulling myself up with the arm and that’s why I was glad of not being alone. I’m sure I would have done it somehow if I had to and the survival instincts would have kicked in, but it would have been with a lot more pain I would Imagine.

Back on the trail, we hiked towards the car and were soon on our way. It would take about 1 1/2 hours to get to the nearest ER and all I could do is sit there and brace my elbow as I could feel every bump in the road. 

At the non so emergency emergency room I waited for another nearly two hours before somebody would finally see me. Apparently patients with a common cold were more important and took priority over my elbow. I was raised to wait my turn, to be respectful and not expect special treatment, but common, my arm was starting to turn blue and I was beginning to go into shock until somebody finally acknowledged that I had suffered enough. Later I was told that I could have lost my arm if I had sat there for much longer. Thank you for your sense of urgency dear medical staff. 

After being butchered with the IV needle (nobody ever finds my veins) and X-rays, it was indeed a dislocated elbow. Dislocated so unusually that I became the guinea pig of something you don’t see every day. The entire student medical staff was standing around my bed while the doctor explained what would happen next and that there is a decent success rate in putting everything back into place. Decent he said, very comforting to say the least. He further noted to having to put me out and that everything would be done and over with when I wake up. Luckily everything did go well and I even was able to get out of the physical therapy they initially ordered for me afterwards. I did have major swelling though from the violent way to put my elbow back into place and eventually got a cast to immobilize everything to stillness. It was the only time in my life I ever got seriously hurt and required a cast. 

“The day I could finally kiss my cast goodbye”
At that point I started to research more about the snake sightings and their meaning. It was said that change was upon me and that like a snake I would shed my skin to emerge a sleeker version of myself. The snake being a ground dwelling close to the earth would be a sign to keep me grounded through the transition so in order I could emerge as a whole after shedding my skin, just like the snake emerges whole. The snake was said to be powerfully connected to the life force and primal energy. Again signaling a transition and a change while representing the source of life. It was also linked to healing opportunities for myself and others while manifesting increased energy. The snake spirit is said to be reminiscent of unconscious drives and primal instincts. 

I believe that it was then that I started to become my own healer while feeling a desire to help others. It was also right after that, that on the 5th of January, the year after all the snake sightings, I left the ugly beauty store and wouldn’t go back to work until October of 2015. It was the rebirth of myself, the primal energy to survive and to shed the things that no longer served me. Without a doubt it was a great transition period, filled with pain and healing, trying to understand and ultimately slowly finding my way back to myself. I still travel this path of great enlightenment to reinforce and nurture what matters while trying to eliminate the toxins that restrict my life one by one. To emerge as a whole but sleeker, to utilize what I have always known, only wiser and stronger. To live my purpose instead of the expectations and values from an old fashioned society.

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Spirit animals – 2014, the year of the snake

I have written before about spirit animals and totems and this one, 2014 was without a doubt the most profound and powerful year of them all. Any skeptics or non believers would have to pause and acknowledge that what was happening were signs too undeniable not to witness. Signs so strong that they were literally smacking me in the face and leaving behind sings of harm. Unintentional harm that came along with spiritual growths.I was still working at “The ugly beauty store” and I had become miserable. I struggled with the cattiness and ugliness, and the non compassionate behavior that most believed in, in the hopes to selfishly propel themselves to what they thought would be the top. Human life, respect for others and everything good we should show our fellow brothers and sisters was replaced with egoistical motives of…what do I even call it….egoistical self preservation that became a full time job to them. People I once promoted were behaving in a way very foreign to me and I couldn’t relate. Achieving their dreams had a whole new meaning and I was standing in their way. The promotion wasn’t enough because it was my job they were after and jealousy and envy are ugly creatures to content with.

It was 2014 and for me it was the year of the snake. Never before and never since have I seen so many snakes in my life. It didn’t matter where we went, there would be a snake crossing my way somewhere. Slithering across the trail, sunning on a rock, hanging out by and in the water, making a straight bee-line towards me while walking by as if pursuing me in some sort of eerie way, I felt like the hunted when this happened. It took the fun out of hiking and to be honest with you, I was in constant “High alert”. I never had a bad experience with a snake, but like most people I didn’t feel drawn to snakes in the way that I would want one for a pet, even I am an animal lover. The increased sightings and the fear of stepping on one by accident, definitely had me on edge and disrupted the otherwise so peaceful vibe of being out in nature.

I once heard that we command things into our lives through the thoughts we send out into the universe and at some point I thought that all these snakes appeared because I was constantly in awareness and thinking about them. True or not, it became something that followed me on just about every hike and there was always a snake somewhere, lingering or chasing after me. In prior years the sighting of a snake was so unusual and a rare, it became quite the occasion to see one. It completely flopped in 2014 and now it was the other way around, not seeing a snake would become a rarity. I seen a variety of snakes of which none I could name back to you. Some were all black, others black with yellow stripes and yet others brownish in color with some of them several feet long. Luckily I never came across a rattlesnake, as they do reside here in the high desert.

It was a few days before my birthday in July as we drove up to Fern Falls, located about an hour away from my home near Plumas Eureka state park. It’s one of my favorite areas close to my home and another spot that never gets old. We stopped approximately one mile away from the trailhead at a round small waterhole we had visited before. In hindsight a very short hike I would become very grateful of later on in the day. The last time we had been here was during the winter months, seeing the spot from above and telling ourselves that we had to come back in the summer. This would make an awesome spot to spend some time. Well now was that time and our intent was to scope it out and take a closer look. The descend was steep in parts and required us to maneuver through thick brush and over some decent sized boulders to get to the bottom. Snake heaven and I would have never known what was hiding underneath the thick branches or how close I came to stepping on a snake. I think sometimes it’s better not to know and you can’t constantly consume yourself with worrying thoughts of the “What if”. It would ruin your day, your life and leave you worried about everything. Ultimately becoming a worried little soul. I’m not saying not to be cautious, I’m merely saying that we can’t always worry about everything, especially about the things we don’t have control over anyways. Back to the situation at hand, you definitely had to pay attention to where you were stepping in order to make the descent a safe one out here. The biggest challenge was on the bottom of the steep ravine, on level ground. A few stepping stones across the flowing waters were exposed and were your only way to get to the other side. The rocks were leading to a little resting area next to the waterhole were you could rest and sit down within close proximity. The rocks had become slippery and were covered with green algae in parts. Bracing myself with my wooded staff, very carefully we managed and got safely across. Phew….sweating already, but what’s an adventure without just a little hint of danger, right? Well this one I would have gladly passed up.

The snow and ice was gone by now and on this July day the water was warm and looked inviting enough to take a dip. The pool was nestled into a round granite bowl that was fed by the waterfall above. Water was running through the bowl and continued on over the now exposed stepping stones to descend further down the hillside in smaller cascades. Exposed granite rocks and lush green brush and vegetation added to the dramatic views. It was a sunny summer day with blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Perfect for a dip.

The snake sightings at that point had been somewhat under control (a few, but not to the point they took over my life) and the thought of seeing a snake didn’t even cross my mind on this beautiful day. The place was heaven and after settling in, spreading my towel and ridding myself of my pack, I proceeded to explore the round little granite bowl. I went in several times that day, submerging myself in natures swimming pool we had all to ourselves, while enjoying myself and being high on life. The rest of the time we would nap or just sit, feet in water, having a picnic and admiring this neat place and it’s surrounding beauty. Hours passed as the time neared to head back and we slowly packed up the few material things of our humble outing. We would have to cross over the slippery rocks again and it was my least favorite thing about the otherwise amazing place. “Just take your time” I thought and use your staff for balance like you did before. The water wasn’t deep and the worst case scenario would be that I slipped my foot into the water and got my shoes wet. So I thought…..but what happened was actually much, much, much worse.

To be continued….sorry for the cliffhanger lol…

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Sierra storms and the storms of our life’s

You can’t help but wonder the storms this tree has seen. Deeply rooted, it continues to stand firmly grounded against the tough mistress, the Sierra. Winters can be harsh and this year is a reminder of such. After several warmer, dryer winters, this winter seems to have made up for all those. I imagine it’s trunk buried in several feet of snow right now, dwarfing it’s size in the deep snowpack. My eyes wander to the branches that indicate forceful twists and bends, being shaped into new directions. Maybe struck by lightening, the growths has been stumped as the top has split open and life has been forced to move along a different path. Maybe the top tumbled under the strong harsh winds, destroying a piece and yet strong it has weathered all the fury unleashed towards it. It has stood in the harsh sun, resilient and thirsty during the dry months. Stretching towards the heavens and the sun day after day.

Looking at this picture, I remember back to the time when I shot it. The sight was unusual as I first spotted it and I felt drawn to explore it closer. I hiked up to hillside, found a Boulder and spent some time under it’s low hanging branches. The view was superb and you could see for miles and miles, but it also looked like that the view had come with a heavy price tag. Sitting out in the open, alone, with no protective shield, exposed, a great view that was also very vulnerable. 

We all have a story and so does this tree. It reminds me of life, of happy times and the storms we whether along the tough times. The moments that twist us and force us to our knees and the ones that stretch us under pressure. The lessons (storms) that teach us to remain flexible and the times we feel broken and have lost a piece of ourself. This tree helps remind me that even in times when we feel broken, there is always a way, a different path to be taken, no matter how painful and difficult it might be. It doesn’t mean that we always like it, but life will always find a way.

Advice from a tree
Stand tall and proud

Go out on a limb

Remember your roots

Drink plenty of water

Be content with your natural beauty

Enjoy the view
Sounds like great enough advice to me….

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Time for thanks 

“A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.

Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter.

A strong woman is both soft and powerful,

She is both practical and spiritual. 

A strong woman in her essence, 

Is a gift to the world. 

This one is for all my beautiful sisters and my princess out there, 

The beautiful spirits and souls I have encountered. I dream that we will meet some day. 

This one is for the fighters and the lovers who love with all of their heart,

The hopeless romantics that continue to believe in the fairytale,

The hopeful, and the ones who choose to see the silver lining throughout the tough times,

This one goes out to ones that hurt and at times don’t know what’s next,

There will be more, trust me and life will continue, somehow. 

The optimists that can take the lesson to change their stars and the ones that chase their dreams.

This one goes to the ones that suffer unknown, unmentioned and unimaginable pains, 

And who remain grateful to see another day and spread their love to others. 
You are my hero and my idol. And you are never alone….

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Convict Lake, CA

Here is another picture from our last day and me sitting on the snow-cleared rock with the frozen lake to the left of me. The mountains, a little further left were rising higher and steeper than you can see in the picture. But you get an idea of what terrain “the tiny dot” had to conquer in order to ski it’s way back down. In the distance you can see a few of the buried, up to its neck, trail signs and I was glad the snow was packed enough to walk on top without sinking in. For the most part at least. It had to be several feet deep and albeit that I like to snowshoe, (snowshoes attached to our pack while hiking in snow boots), I remember the time I sank in hip deep with one leg, snowshoe and all. I don’t think I would have gotten out of there, had I been alone. It happened quick and unexpected, nevertheless it startled me in a way of leaving negative worrisome feelings behind. To this day I like to snowshoe, but I’m constantly preparing myself to sink in and it’s not my favorite thing when it happens. Maybe it is because I don’t know how much I will sink and being buried alive presents an absolute horror. Maybe it’s just the unknown of what is underneath, how deep and what monsters lurk. Much like how I feel in big bodies of water and not being able to see the ground. I probably seen one too many horror movies or fabled tales that ruined my outlook and turned me into a worry wad lol. Anybody else with me on this one? 

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Spring has sprung 

This picture was taken on a sunny day in Switzerland, even though it looks like it could have been taken anywhere and holds no important significance to you. Actually I am now depriving you of the stunning scenery of Switzerland having mentioned this. But I remember that day so vividly and promise to post Switzerland another time when I can take you on a new adventure with me. 

Back to this picture, I was happy with the outcome and how the pollen showed up on the detail of the bee. I hope you enjoy, I thought it was fitting for today. 

Wishing you a happy first day of Spring….

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Day 4 – The final adventure & Convict Lake

Coming around the bend to Convict Lake, our eyes opened wide and something like “Oh my gosh” followed. It was one of the few spots you can drive up to and be rewarded with the stunning beauty that was begging you to believe you had to put hours of strenuous hiking into it prior to getting there. The lake was nestled in a bowl at the base of the mountains and during the summer month the mountains were marbled with colors of brown, gold and white. I call them my gelato mountains as they remind me of the swirl like motion of gelato ice cream. Layers of various colored rock, pushed through years and years of time, leaving behind the traces of their travels through history. Bands of color stretching, dipping down and rising back up in stunning patterns, a truly magical place. I don’t think we had ever seen this beauty in the winter and it looked so totally different, covered in a magical cloth of white innocence, it had the feel as if it was brand new, like we saw it for the first time. 

Although I missed the gelato effect that was now covered up, we quickly agreed that the snow gave the area an even more majestic feel. A breathtaking wonderland, clean and pristine, stretched out under nothing but sunshine and blue skies. We stood in silence and after taking it all in, we thought it to be the perfect spot to shoot a few pictures with the war bonnet. It had been a silent traveler, mostly stored in the cabin or coming along from spot to spot to stay behind in the Jeep with no action. Today, it’s status would be changed and it couldn’t get any more epic than this, at least not from a scenic point of view. I quickly got ready and could already envision the finished product in my mind. Nobody bothered us as we snapped away. We probably didn’t go unnoticed, but our privacy was respected and we were granted our own space and the proper distance to the increasing amount of people that was beginning to show up. 

The lake was frozen for the most part, but not solid in all spots. It made me slightly nervous to see people walking on the ice and tempting faith, but there wasn’t much I could do. Luckily nothing bad occurred that day, and everybody’s guardian angel must have been on duty right there. We decided to hike the right side of the lake and find a spot at the furthest end under the mountain ridge. The snow was pretty packed and albeit our snowshoes strapped to our packs, our snow boots were sufficient without sinking into the deep snow. The hike was serene and relaxing and we stopped several times for a short moment to watch a tiny little dot on the mountain across the lake, climb it’s way in switchback motion up to the ridge. Switchbacks are a zigzag pattern to make steep terrain more manageable and level the climb. With my zoom lens I shot a picture and later zoomed in even further to identify the tiny little dot as a person with skies strapped to his back. That almost made me even more nervous than the people on the ice. The mountain was very steep with a lot of snow and the potential of avalanche danger. There would be no way for survival if a slide was triggered and for being such an optimist, I surely was worrisome that day. Usually always seeing the positive, somehow it was the dangers that stood out on that day. Somehow there was a heightened awareness, a caution to something I just couldn’t explain. 

Reaching the end of the lake, we found a big enough rock and cleared the snow from it. Spreading our towels, we declared it our final destination for the day. Leftover pizza was our picnic meal for today and it was delicious, even cold. We lost track of the tiny black dot as it disappeared behind another ridge, but our eyes were peeled into the direction we last saw him or her. With any luck we would witness a free ride down the steep mountain slope, and so we waited. After eating I explored and shot a few more pictures. It was incredible to see all the snow. Trail markers and wilderness signs were buried all the way to the top, barely sticking out of the snow. It was definitely the most snow/moisture producing winter we had in years and I had to smile at the prediction that it would be an average winter. 

All of a sudden we noticed our little dot moving down the mountain side. He/she was skiing from side to side to slow the steep terrain in this epic free ride downhill while heading towards the lake. We lost sight a few times as the person must have stopped behind a ridge to slow the descend and make the ride last as long as possible. It was great to watch and witness and eventually the rider finished at the bottom of the base in perfectly safe circumstances without triggering the feared avalanche I had thought of earlier. Wow, what a ride and what a stellar adventure to remember. I had watched people do this before but never in steep terrain like this and the climb had to be bear to get up there.

The hike back was quiet for the most part. The day, the adventure and the entire trip was nearing it’s end and we knew it. The lake was on my right side now with another mountain on my left. A noise I couldn’t identify, coming from the left stopped me in my tracks. My eyes open wide and pierced, I was trying to spot what could have caused it. The terrain was pretty open, with a few bushes and wood logs, but not forested at all. It should have been easy to spot where the noise come from and yet there wasn’t a darn thing I could see. Other than standing there with an eerie feeling and no idea what got me spooked, “Mountain Lion” was the first thing that came to mind and I don’t know why. Probably because that is a fear as I see them as stalkers of their prey and fierce killers. I’m not afraid of bears but mountain lions have my shivering respect. Still nothing and I couldn’t see a thing. We moved on and I was last in line. Needless to say, I turned around every other moment just to check behind me and have time in case something was stalking me or ran up on me. The eerie feeling never left as I clenched my staff a little tighter and until we made it back to the beginning of the trail where the jeep was parked. I can’t explain what it was we heard, or what had made that noise, but it was as if something walked through the brush, crackling wood, something of that nature. For sure it wasn’t the snow shifting and the sound was very different from that. But it was close to where I was, very close indeed. 

The drive home was quiet and reality definitely hit. We were leaving this magical place and we didn’t want it it end. It had come and gone in the blink of an eye and already I found myself dreaming of when the next adventure could be arranged. Permanently if possible and preferably. But for now we were filled with new memories of the recent adventure and somewhere buried and hidden were four Tri-Tip bagels that found their way back home with us. 

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Day 4 – The final adventure 

It had started last night with that fantastic Tri-Tip dinner and that feeling that carried right into the next morning. Everything started to feel final, the last time, one last day, the final hours. I would lie if I said that it wasn’t in the least bit saddening. The last night, the last dinner, followed by that last amazing breakfast and the final, last day before reality would catch up once more. I always felt that way when an adventure was nearing it’s end, and I would always here the phrase “It’s not over yet”. Very true, but somehow the feeling got worse and more intense. I loved this so much, being out here, that with every trip the feeling of not wanting it to end got stronger and stronger. With every trip, I found more and more of myself not wanting to come back. I started dreaming about these trips who had been my escape from the real life and the obligations of such to become my real life. There would be no more need of escaping anything. I seemed that if I had to escape reality, then there was something terribly wrong with it. I was in need of changing my reality so that there was no need to escape from it. My life was in need of change….I had to change my stars. Never had it been so obvious as of now. I used up as much of the groceries as possible that last morning. We didn’t bring anything to keep the refrigerated stuff cool, so it was a matter of use it or lose it. Check out time was at 10AM and I had packed most of my clothing and things the night before. Time was ticking by way too fast, mainly probably we didn’t want to go. Turning the keys into the rental office, we found out that the cabin would be empty tonight. I was tempted, tempted in a big way to call work and somehow make it happen to stay for another night. But I didn’t and instead we were allowed to take our time and stay until 11AM to enjoy the sunny porch for one last time. And we did, up until the last second. Slowly, reminiscent, we drove away, eyes glued on the cabin until we couldn’t see it anymore. 

We would spend our final day up at Convict Lake, right around the corner from were our cabin had been located. Strangely we hadn’t stopped at the lake earlier as our adventures always took us away in the opposite direction, but we knew what was waiting for us. We had been here many times before. Little did we know at the time that we would be in for a surprise. 

As I am sitting here writing this, I’m slightly sidetracked as I remember a small little detail that I left out from our adventurous Day 3. It is too funny not to mention and I hope you don’t mind the short detour. You remember me writing about driving through the movie set of “Transformers” a few years back, right? Well almost the same thing happened on Day 3 again, this time near the cabin on Convict Lake instead of being on Movie Road in the Alabama Hills. We were getting ready to turn onto the main road as I saw a guy rushing towards us, waiving his arms frantically for us to stop, while talking into his walkie talkie at the same time. Apparently he was checking on something that was very important because he seemed adamant to reach us in a timely manner. Coming to a stop next to us he asked where we were heading. After a few words exchanged, he finally informed us that they were in the progress of filming a Firestone tire commercial right here and now. He checked a few things and finally gave us the clearance to proceed, to go on with our business so they could go on with theirs. Some ways down the road we saw a Jeep parked, most likely the chosen vehicle for the commercial. We couldn’t help but laugh out loud, remembering the Transformer / Movie road incident and realizing that by a hair we almost produced the creation of part 2, another drive through during another filming. At least this time we would have known what was being filmed and so far there has been no sight the commercial yet. Yeah I checked already and it must be in production. Already I can’t wait for the day to see it, the day that will take me back to that very moment and the big smile that will grace my face when it happens.

To be continued….