Face – Rock

Snow has covered the land overnight and the wind is blowing hard in my little corner. 

Gray skies have enshrouded my world, cutting the visibility but I trust the familiarity as I have been here many times.

I know my mountains are close by and even though I don’t see them, I feel them in my heart.

I’m in no hurry for anything today and dream of favorite places such as this. 

And when the sun returns, a new search begins. For places and memories that will carry me through future storms.

Alabama Hills and Mount Whitney with Face Rock and me.


3 thoughts on “Face – Rock

  1. I hope that you continue to leave you mark on this world .And I hope that you take them storms on full with everything you got. And just know that better things are coming if you want to believe in that. The best lessons in life are going through them storms. Take care and warm hugs again to you on that fur tiger…

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    1. I know dear crane. If you know me than yuh know that I am that optimistic who knows and believes that the stars can’t shine without the darkness. That every rainbow needs a downpour to spring into existence and that it is during our own storms that we mold into the people we were meant to become. Nobody ever said it was easy. But it’s worthwhile if you can remain positive and don’t let this times define you. This will never happen and from time to time I just need to lower my guard a bit, so don’t worry 😉. And thanks for the hug and walking besides me in spirit through this life….

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