Here it’s almost 10PM already and then there is me thinking about going to bed early tonight. The night owl in me usually doesn’t make it to bed before midnight, but today I feel tired in many ways. My body is tired and my mind seems foggy. A slight, just enough to annoy me headache is lingering and my body feels tense as if somebody is holding me tightly in a vice grip. I would take a bubble bath if it wasn’t so late, but I can’t seem to find the motivation for that either. Today was day five at work and without a doubt when that day rolls around, I’m usually ready for some time off. My feet have been bothering me as of recent and years and years standing on concrete floors are not taking kind to me as of lately. But most likely, at least for tonight, I feel the pressure of the upcoming rain storm in my bones. I think I’ll hibernate overnight and pray for the raindrops to hit my window, soothing my soul, carrying me away to wonderland.It’s been silent in my homeland and I want to believe that no news is good news for now. It’s only been today that my Mom was admitted into the hospital and I’m sure it’s too early to know anything. Nevertheless, I know the subject is occupying a big part of my mind and lately, if it hasn’t been that, it has been something else that makes me think and analyze the signs. Life is pushing me fast and I’m ok with the sense of urgency as there is no time to waste. The faster I get to where I need to be in the end, the more time I will have left to enjoy the destination. Yet, the journey is the destination and there is no rush as I stand on the sidelines to let my life unfold how it is meant to be without resistance. 

Life is not always roses and it would be unnatural if it was. I’m ok with that and nobody has ever turned a wise soul without experience. 

Tonight I’m tired and this Meme seemed perfect and funny 😉. Plus learning a new word isn’t all that bad either, haha.


3 thoughts on “Exhaustipated

  1. I know first off that your mother has been on your mind and I am not here to change that for you, for that isn’t my job at this time. But I do pray that what ever you and your mother are going through at this time will find peace. I know that there are a lot of minor and maybe a few big stresses out in your life at this time. For we all carry something in the end. But just know that you need sometime for yourself in the end of all of this.

    I know that you don’t need me to tell you what to do with your life, but as a close friend make sure that you maybe take that bubble bath and let yourself go and be free with yourself for awhile, and I know awhile could mean like 20 minutes or so. But at least you took some time for that.

    In the end search deep my tiger and know that no matter what happens you are always apart of my spirit.

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