Being human

What does it really mean to be human? How do we define it?

Some seem to struggle with that very meaning and cause us to lose faith and trust. Inhumanity leaves us feeling beaten down and sad. What does it even mean to inhumane? It’s an emotion beyond words, a feeling that cuts deep when it happens to you and you are on the receiving end. It’s usually unjust and leaves us angry, vulnerable, hurt and lost.

But then there are others who seems to have just a little more compassion and patience. Who are nurturing to our soul and who touch our hearts in ways that are unexpected yet so essential. The ones who give us the strengths to fight another day and who help us restore our faith in mankind just at the moment when we’re about to give up.

Being human may not always be easy, but it is the only way to coexist and live in harmony.

Can you imagine what could be if the effort was made and we took the chance to be human?



12 thoughts on “Being human

  1. What it like to be human? Well that is a great question and if I had to answer that from my point of view I would have to say that it is the greatest thing that we can possibly feel. Being alive today there are people that are never going to get another chance at life. So, being human to me is a miracle in itself. It’s not about how many cars and homes you had, or about the money in the end, or the boss your not liking at this time. To me it’s about leaving my footprint on someone soul.

    How can we not be thinking about how we are alive. We fight for that everyday no matter what is going on, at the end of the day you want to be alive to see another day no matter what going on around you good or bad.

    So, to close this comment. Being human is what I am doing now, I am touching your soul even if it is a pin prick, I am leaving a mark into your heart. And to me there is nothing better than being human to do such a miracle for someone else that needs it in there life…

    Again, thank you for making think about how I am alive and what it does mean to feel human. See in the end you might of came off the worse week of your life, but at the same time you saved someone life in this process of this post. Just remember that in your times of trouble your healing people and you don’t sometimes realize that power inside you.

    Take care and many hugs my tiger, this was powerful beyond measure here…

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    1. Perfect and I couldn’t have said it better.
      Being human is so much more than just belonging to a species and to live from day to day. It is much bigger than ourselves and knows no selfish motives. It is leaving that footprint, touching somebody else’s soul and making a difference. To restore their faith in humanity and find pleasure by doing for others.
      And as far as I’m concerned, by no means did I have the worse week of my life, I just get tired sometimes. I will never give up fighting the good fight and I will never lose my beliefs. It keeps me where I need to be instead of lowering my standards. It will help me stay unique even if I have to fight against the grain and the popular choice of most others. I am a warrior of the light, sometimes I just want to lower my guard a little and relax from being that strong tiger all the time.
      A d as far as making a difference for somebody else, it is what I strive for and it was a big reason as to why this blog was started. If I can make a difference for one person, then I have accomplished what I set out to do.
      I’m glad you could enjoy this post and it brought meaning. Have a great day white crane….

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  2. How innocently and unknowingly your posts touch the cords of heart. In awe of your writings. Definitely not a question to be taken lightly, what is being human? I vouch for respect towards others and letting their life experiences unfold the way you let yours, without judgement. This is just a tiny bit. I am sure we humans are worthy of doing much more that can benefit not only humanity but our environment and earth too.

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    1. Thank you so very much Sherry, this means the world to me and I appreciate your kind, kind words.
      You are absolutely right and there is so much more that can be done, but it starts with one person at a time and if we can slow down a bit, we all have the capability to make an impact. I call it “The power of one”

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