Keep the Wolves away

My friend David posted this song yesterday and it stuck with me through last night and today. I had to revisit it and the song inspired these thoughts and this post tonight. I found it fitting in many ways, especially since we are getting ready to start another workweek. Is it because we want to or to keep the wolves away? I wonder what the answers would be….

David and I always shared a passion for music, exchanging finds while letting the music convey what words sometimes can’t. If you asked me, there is a song, a genre for every occasion and mood. And some make me literally feisty, depending on time and listening to them at the perfect moment. If I could I’d only have songs and days like that, but unfortunately that is not always the case and life has it’s darker side. But you know what I’m talking about, and you know the feeling when a song comes on and a smile finds it’s way to your face. You may even act downright giddy, dance like nobody is watching and sing it in your perfect karaoke voice, god knows I do, lol. The same goes vice versa though and a song can make you ponder life, your path and the direction it is going. You may feel nostalgia or sadness and a new wave of emotion is flooding your soul.

This song spoke to me on multiple levels, of which first and foremost in the way of ending poverty and hunger. I know, we, the world can do more and we can do better if we truly want to. It would be a dream if nobody had to go hungry anymore and I applaud the band “Uncle Lucius”  for their effort, their time and dedication to make a difference.

The song also spoke to me personally and even though I didn’t raise a family, I have always been the breadwinner, the supporter, the “One”. Great responsibility comes with being the “One” and sometimes you will find yourself doing things you don’t really want to do. But you have to do them and you pay with your health, perhaps your life working on somebody else’s clock. Remember it doesn’t have to be forever.

Tonight as I pay it forward and share this song, I wish that you, (including myself) may find more times to do what you want to do and spend less time doing the things you don’t really care to do. May more songs bring a smile to your face vs. leaving you ponder life and how you got there. One by one we can change our stars.




15 thoughts on “Keep the Wolves away

  1. I’m glad I could share and connect. We do on a lot of levels. I wish life came with a soundtrack that just automatically played in the background, like on the movies. lol. But in a sense it does if you let it speak to you, and keep it on. I like that we share that passion for music. Sometimes it takes you back. Sometimes it has you dreaming of the future… But, One of my favorite things, is when the song and the moment and the whole spirit of the day comes together and makes you feel like youre alive and just absorbing the NOW. Yeah that’s what music can do.
    Just in case no-one told you today…You ROCK my friend! 😉
    …oh , and you gotta nice butt 😀 lol
    Here is another to think about and I just ran across it.

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    1. Lol crazy ass, like you would know hahaha, but always know how to make me smile and that’s what friends are for right?
      Yes we do connect on a lot of levels, must be because we are weird artist people or something like that. I do believe artists see the world different and it’s a beautiful thing, especially when you can share it. Thank you….
      I know exactly what you are talking about and I can feel that moment of being alive just by thinking about it. It’s an awesome experience that alters the pace for the day, lets you inhale deeply and say “yeah life is good” or yeah I’m a bad ass” ha or something like that. Just playing but you know and in case nobody has told you….you always rock my friend. 😉
      I’ll have to check out the other one and copy the link. Or do I have to do more embedding crap lol.
      Catch you soon…

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