Those days…

We all have those days…..

The days when being strong all the time catches up with us, 

The days we feel like lowering our guard,

Because we have been strong for too long.

The days when it’s not always easy to fight the good fight,

But we do it anyways, for we would lose ourselves if we didn’t. 

The days that seem unfair and unjust, and the days that just don’t make sense. 

I’m talking about the days when our heart hurts and we can’t hold back the tears,

No matter how optimistic and positive our outlook might be.

When the actions of others cut us deep and leave us wounded, 

In those days that lack compassion and love from our fellow humans.

The days we forgive anyways for they do not know any better,

And it is not up to us to judge or revenge.

And finally the days we are being taken because giving is all that we know. 

Today was such a day and today I feel tired.  


18 thoughts on “Those days…

    1. Thank you dear and I’m sorry you experienced something similar. Sending a big hug your way and hope we do have that hike someday.
      Off to work and dealing with another snowstorm later. Have a good Sunday, thinking of you. Xoxo

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  1. Well, I hope that you find that peace soon that your searching for, and sometimes we have to search deep and that makes things around you really tiring at times. I know that it will get better for you, I believe it there is no other choice of the matter in this. Hang in there my spiritual tiger, for my wings reach around you this day and hug you even tighter than normal as I transform some of my energy into your spirit…

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    1. Thank you very much my awesome crane friend. Everyone has those days but I am blessed to have amazing friends like you that always make these days a little more bearable. Thanks for being there in spirit. Many hugs back to you and please take care of yourself and heal up. Xoxoxo

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