More signs???

I got to go outside a little yesterday, on my walk in the woods. Well it was actually more like a climb through the woods and after being sick for over a week with the flu, it seemed like a good idea to catch some fresh air. In hindsight I think it might have been a little too strenuous, plus I got cold on top of the ridge. Temperature wise it was ok, but the north winds where blowing, cold and gusty at times, putting a little kink into my picnic and being able to take the usual nap on the ground listening to Mother Earth. 

A funny thing happened in the form of a a middle aged man, who was walking towards us. We had just parked the jeep in the lot across from the pond as we spotted the man. There was a faint little side trail leading over to the waters edge where we decided to stop and eat half of our sandwich to gain a little boost of energy for the upcoming climb. As the man came closer and almost reached us, I saw him looking towards us and next I heard him say something that I couldn’t make out. Excuse me, I said looking at him, while I was waiting for him to repeat whatever it was he had said. Here I am writing about the year of the snake and here, this guy comes along, no hello, how are you doing, or anything at all, but his first and only sentence is “Have you seen any snakes?” I almost lost it in laughter as this was probably the last thing I expected to come out of his mouth and the timing couldn’t have been more brilliant. He would have never understood had I laughed as to why this was so funny and that it was merely my amazement about the timing that triggered my response, but I held it together. For a little while at least.
No buddy, no snakes here, but thanks for planting that thought into my mind now. I was totally fine until you came along I thought, wanting to say exactly that, but of course I didn’t. It was one of those things again, the candid humor that usually happens to us and leaves a smile, a lasting silly memory that has me shaking my head in disbelief about the timing. This one would become all of the above and I couldn’t help to wonder if it was just a non significant coincidence or was it something else. A sign that more change waiting for me on the horizon? I knew it would eventually and the speed of it was up to me. It was a matter of timing and realizing that I was still going through a bit of a transformation stage. Was I yet to shed another skin? I think so and as things move towards the end, they also signify the start of something new. A new beginning that can only be born from something old shedding away and no longer having meaning and purpose.

The man’s comment became the joke throughout the hike as we took turns asking each other if we had seen any snakes. Finally, after exhausting the funny out of it, I respectfully requested the joke to be dropped. There was also that element of commanding a slithering ground dwelling into your day by continuing to talk about it. It would most likely be a rattlesnake out here and I wasn’t prepared to face off with one in the midst of the trail or somewhere else close by. Nothing happened that day and no snake came within our sight, but still…..what are the chances? 
Today a day after the incident and after talking to my Mom, I lean towards believing that those were signs. The timing of writing about this spirit animal and coming across the man with his bizarre non expecting question, can’t be coincidences. Somehow I can’t accept them to be such. I believe in the signals that change is yet to come, I believe in the message that is meant for me to prepare, to get ready while using singular focus to achieve a goal. A goal perhaps a long time in the making. 

And on Wednesday my Mom has to go into the hospital again. 


8 thoughts on “More signs???

  1. Well first off is that I hope your mother will be okay in what ever she is dealing with. But more importantly is you in the sense of knowing where to turn as things are changing around you.

    I know that there are things in motion that maybe can’t be stop in the sense of what your really feeling inside your heart at this time. I know from what I have read that your carrying a lot of stress in your body at this time.

    And I’m here to tell you to make sure you trust the signs around you even more then before. There are lessons in every sign your seeing. Take that time you have and really search deep about what the message in these signs are giving you. Just be careful with not spending to much time on one thing when there could be many meanings your needing at this very time.

    In closing, is that even in these times we can become even stronger than we could ever image if we just stop for a minute and just listen to the noises around us. With this said may your animal spirits be with you and just know that your not alone in your journey, that I’m right beside you no matter what…

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