A walk in the woods

Also the title of one of my favorite movies. I’m dreaming of a thru hike that will happen hopefully in the very, near future. Fingers crossed ❤


12 thoughts on “A walk in the woods

    1. That’s awesome my friend and it sounds like you know about your trails. Bucket list of yours too? I’m almost to the point to write how this came about and how I already got my trail name. My inspiration is hiking the CDT (Continental divide trail 3100 miles) in June to get his triple crown. Awesome….
      I was thinking of the JMT to ease into it but with all the snow we continue to get this might not be possible this year. But there are other plans. 😉

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    1. Thank you my friend. It was just a short but steep hike/walk yesterday after being sick for over a week with the flu. I think I strained a little too much, but I’m ok and luckily don’t have to work today. Have a beautiful day, I’m sure I’ll cat j up with you sometime today.

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      1. Well stay healthy, and you tell me to take it easy and your the sick one here too. I am teasing you, I hope that you get over your sickness and have a great day off from work. I will check in a little later…

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      2. 😉I hear ya and I have to do a better job practicing for myself what I preach to others lol.
        I thought it would do me good to get out a bit. Been working anyways and only missed one day so I might as well do what I enjoy. Just wasn’t ready for something strenuous yet I guess. I’m ok, don’t worry, just a little more congested now.


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