Sierra storms and the storms of our life’s

You can’t help but wonder the storms this tree has seen. Deeply rooted, it continues to stand firmly grounded against the tough mistress, the Sierra. Winters can be harsh and this year is a reminder of such. After several warmer, dryer winters, this winter seems to have made up for all those. I imagine it’s trunk buried in several feet of snow right now, dwarfing it’s size in the deep snowpack. My eyes wander to the branches that indicate forceful twists and bends, being shaped into new directions. Maybe struck by lightening, the growths has been stumped as the top has split open and life has been forced to move along a different path. Maybe the top tumbled under the strong harsh winds, destroying a piece and yet strong it has weathered all the fury unleashed towards it. It has stood in the harsh sun, resilient and thirsty during the dry months. Stretching towards the heavens and the sun day after day.

Looking at this picture, I remember back to the time when I shot it. The sight was unusual as I first spotted it and I felt drawn to explore it closer. I hiked up to hillside, found a Boulder and spent some time under it’s low hanging branches. The view was superb and you could see for miles and miles, but it also looked like that the view had come with a heavy price tag. Sitting out in the open, alone, with no protective shield, exposed, a great view that was also very vulnerable. 

We all have a story and so does this tree. It reminds me of life, of happy times and the storms we whether along the tough times. The moments that twist us and force us to our knees and the ones that stretch us under pressure. The lessons (storms) that teach us to remain flexible and the times we feel broken and have lost a piece of ourself. This tree helps remind me that even in times when we feel broken, there is always a way, a different path to be taken, no matter how painful and difficult it might be. It doesn’t mean that we always like it, but life will always find a way.

Advice from a tree
Stand tall and proud

Go out on a limb

Remember your roots

Drink plenty of water

Be content with your natural beauty

Enjoy the view
Sounds like great enough advice to me….


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