Convict Lake, CA

Here is another picture from our last day and me sitting on the snow-cleared rock with the frozen lake to the left of me. The mountains, a little further left were rising higher and steeper than you can see in the picture. But you get an idea of what terrain “the tiny dot” had to conquer in order to ski it’s way back down. In the distance you can see a few of the buried, up to its neck, trail signs and I was glad the snow was packed enough to walk on top without sinking in. For the most part at least. It had to be several feet deep and albeit that I like to snowshoe, (snowshoes attached to our pack while hiking in snow boots), I remember the time I sank in hip deep with one leg, snowshoe and all. I don’t think I would have gotten out of there, had I been alone. It happened quick and unexpected, nevertheless it startled me in a way of leaving negative worrisome feelings behind. To this day I like to snowshoe, but I’m constantly preparing myself to sink in and it’s not my favorite thing when it happens. Maybe it is because I don’t know how much I will sink and being buried alive presents an absolute horror. Maybe it’s just the unknown of what is underneath, how deep and what monsters lurk. Much like how I feel in big bodies of water and not being able to see the ground. I probably seen one too many horror movies or fabled tales that ruined my outlook and turned me into a worry wad lol. Anybody else with me on this one? 


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