You looking at me???

Came across this little gem today and it’s a picture I took on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I love that place and every visit includes a walk on the old boardwalk that is lined with fresh seafood restaurants and unique souvenir shops. A bread bowl of clam chowder is a must while watching the seals rest and take a break on the wooden planks beneath. Pelicans and seagulls walk freely and in close proximity to people in an effort to scavenge any food leftovers. They usually succeed and I haven’t seen a starving looking one yet. 

Lastly the other thing I like to do besides sitting on the beach watching the surfers waiting, lying on their boards in the ocean to brave the perfect wave, is to buy a special seashell commemorating the trip. What can I say, I’m a simple soul….collecting rocks, seashells, driftwood and oh so much more. Usually it ends up in some kind of a craft project like it was always meant for it. Strange how this all works out at times.


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