Day 4 – The final adventure 

It had started last night with that fantastic Tri-Tip dinner and that feeling that carried right into the next morning. Everything started to feel final, the last time, one last day, the final hours. I would lie if I said that it wasn’t in the least bit saddening. The last night, the last dinner, followed by that last amazing breakfast and the final, last day before reality would catch up once more. I always felt that way when an adventure was nearing it’s end, and I would always here the phrase “It’s not over yet”. Very true, but somehow the feeling got worse and more intense. I loved this so much, being out here, that with every trip the feeling of not wanting it to end got stronger and stronger. With every trip, I found more and more of myself not wanting to come back. I started dreaming about these trips who had been my escape from the real life and the obligations of such to become my real life. There would be no more need of escaping anything. I seemed that if I had to escape reality, then there was something terribly wrong with it. I was in need of changing my reality so that there was no need to escape from it. My life was in need of change….I had to change my stars. Never had it been so obvious as of now. I used up as much of the groceries as possible that last morning. We didn’t bring anything to keep the refrigerated stuff cool, so it was a matter of use it or lose it. Check out time was at 10AM and I had packed most of my clothing and things the night before. Time was ticking by way too fast, mainly probably we didn’t want to go. Turning the keys into the rental office, we found out that the cabin would be empty tonight. I was tempted, tempted in a big way to call work and somehow make it happen to stay for another night. But I didn’t and instead we were allowed to take our time and stay until 11AM to enjoy the sunny porch for one last time. And we did, up until the last second. Slowly, reminiscent, we drove away, eyes glued on the cabin until we couldn’t see it anymore. 

We would spend our final day up at Convict Lake, right around the corner from were our cabin had been located. Strangely we hadn’t stopped at the lake earlier as our adventures always took us away in the opposite direction, but we knew what was waiting for us. We had been here many times before. Little did we know at the time that we would be in for a surprise. 

As I am sitting here writing this, I’m slightly sidetracked as I remember a small little detail that I left out from our adventurous Day 3. It is too funny not to mention and I hope you don’t mind the short detour. You remember me writing about driving through the movie set of “Transformers” a few years back, right? Well almost the same thing happened on Day 3 again, this time near the cabin on Convict Lake instead of being on Movie Road in the Alabama Hills. We were getting ready to turn onto the main road as I saw a guy rushing towards us, waiving his arms frantically for us to stop, while talking into his walkie talkie at the same time. Apparently he was checking on something that was very important because he seemed adamant to reach us in a timely manner. Coming to a stop next to us he asked where we were heading. After a few words exchanged, he finally informed us that they were in the progress of filming a Firestone tire commercial right here and now. He checked a few things and finally gave us the clearance to proceed, to go on with our business so they could go on with theirs. Some ways down the road we saw a Jeep parked, most likely the chosen vehicle for the commercial. We couldn’t help but laugh out loud, remembering the Transformer / Movie road incident and realizing that by a hair we almost produced the creation of part 2, another drive through during another filming. At least this time we would have known what was being filmed and so far there has been no sight the commercial yet. Yeah I checked already and it must be in production. Already I can’t wait for the day to see it, the day that will take me back to that very moment and the big smile that will grace my face when it happens.

To be continued….


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