Life is hard…..sometimes

Life is hard right now, but perhaps everything is the way it needs to be, even if we can’t see it at times and are left unable to envision what’s to come. Maybe it is the uncertainty and no matter how positive and optimistic we are, there is always an element of the unknown which is frightening. And then there is hope and whatever else we choose to believe in. We need something to cling to and something that we can hold on to with every shred of our being. To pull us through the darkness, the pain and to give us hope and reassurance for better days. 

Tonight I came across an old picture I once saved and tonight I re-read the lines to let them calm me and rest assured that everything will fall into place once more, like it always does. 


24 thoughts on “Life is hard…..sometimes

    1. You are absolutely right my dear friend. You know how optimistic I am and that I always see the glass half full, but sometimes, just sometimes I can see where people can lose their way and become negative and bitter.
      Life sure is no easy beast to conquer but hopefully a truly rewarding one in the end if we stay the course and continue to believe in the lessons it brings.
      Thank you for the hug, it was much needed tonight. Xo

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      1. I’m that person you just described. I used to be Mr. Optimistic, then I crashed extremely hard and I was sad, depressed, miserably negative and bitter.
        But now, now I’m becoming MISS Optimistic. 😉

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      2. And it makes me beyond happy that you are finding your way back. You know it takes a strong person not to drown in self pity and sorrow. I know you are strong and sometimes I say “the hell with always being strong”. Sometimes there has to be a release, a weak moment, a time to lean on a comforting shoulder, a time to sob. As long as we don’t lose ourselves and find our way back no matter how long it takes. I’m proud to know you and to call you my friend, and you know I truly mean that.

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      3. I know. It been three years since the side effects from rheumatoid arthritis stole my tears. It’s awful, as I want to cry but never feel the release from a tear running down my face.
        I cry (without tears and mainly just making an awful ugly face) and it feels the pain remains stuck inside without feeling better or relieved afterwards.

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