Until we meet again

It was quiete a day yesterday with the doctor, the news and redirecting my course again. In all reality I have to say nothing was new, I was aware already but kept the harshness of reality somewhere tucked away in that delusional, ignorant bliss state of mind, while hoping the day would come for all to fix itself. Life doesn’t usually work that way and it wouldn’t this time either. It was up to me to dig deep, to find the courage to chase my dreams, to take matters into my own hands and be convinced that I deserve better. Time fixes some things, but not all and it’s clear this is just one of those things that will never change. All there is left now, is the action that is required. No more staling, no more procrastination. I think I’m giving myself a pep talk here so I can follow through with what I already know. 

I went to bed sad last night. Opening WordPress I was checking on a special soul that always inspires me when I need a little extra magic in my life.I found that she had left WordPress on an indefinite hiatus. I miss  you beyond words as I am sending strengths and prayers your way. You touched my heart on countless occasions and I look forward to the day you will be back.  I know this is temporary and we will meet again. Xoxoxoxo


“Lake Tahoe”


4 thoughts on “Until we meet again

  1. I’m still going to check up on you darling. You’re not alone…I’m not that cruel. So stay strong and be brave in the face of everything. It’s what I’m doing. 🙂 Thinking of you with extra special wolfish love and laughter.

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    1. Hi my beautiful sister, the world is a little bit better seeing your notification. Thank you, it means a lot to have you by my side and to not be alone right now. I hope you know the same while facing your own battles. I’m always here in one way, form or another. Sending you much love and the biggest hug ever. Xo

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