Shoe trees 

You can easily find a list of famous shoe trees noted across the country and I’m sure that by now there are many many more. One, not so famous tree is located close to my house and I have seen it through various stages, sometimes threatening to break under the heavy load of shoes dangling from the branches, and other times with minimal shoe decorations, looking bare. I’m not sure if shoes fall off or actually being taken and today with the strong winds outside, I consider the option of shoes being blown and carried away. 

I went to visiting the shoe tree the other day and it’s sight is ever changing. It was full this time and it is said that a shoe tree starts with one hopeful dreamer tossing their shoes high up to a branch that is out of reach. Many trees go unnoticed, but just maybe somebody else will notice and has a pair of shoes to add. 

A shoe tree is said to be the greatest embodiment of the American spirit and many add messages with permanent marker, poems and life accomplishments.


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