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Color splash

As this adventure has ended, the memories will stay with me for a lifetime. I know like always I will have my times to reflect back to the many special moments that simply took my breath away, even if that was in the literal sense at times. And about those moments, I will remember the few places, scenic and beautiful, wild and breathtaking that you can actually drive up to it’s footsteps. Most places like these are rare and have to be earned like a sweet reward that doesn’t come without putting in the work.

For now I’m back at home, back to work tomorrow and there is also another eight day snow forecast in the nearby future starting this Friday. After all that groundhog did saw his shadow, so I shouldn’t be surprised, right? But in the meantime, here is another shot from the trip until I can put the stories together. And these one was a beautiful marvel you actually can drive up to with minimum effort required. 

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The last day already

Our last day here in paradise and one last post before losing the wifi connection. 

Today’s agenda:

A little playtime in the snow,

Snowshoeing around an alpine lake

Maybe a few pictures with the war bonnet

And tons of moments to breath in deeply

Picture from yesterday and the beautiful Sierra as seen from the buttermilks. 

This one is for you my friend Marcus in case your mountain view turns gray on this trip. Hugs xoxoxo

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A little love from the trail…

Ok so it is true and my beloved mountains won in the decision of where to escape in the battle over mountain or sea. Stories will follow soon to explain more about the pictures, the adventure and an amazing, way too short get away.

Here is a little trail love from today and a heart shaped rock I found laying on the path. Sending you much love and will catch up reading you very soon. 

Xoxoxox ❤️

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The final countdown begins

The countdown for my four day adventure has begun and in all reality the “short timers bug” has got a hold of me days ago. I have started to count down the hours. Only the working hours though, as all others belong to me and I wish it was those that could be slowed down to last forever. Fifteen hours stand between me and freedom, so let them pass quickly please. Does anybody else do this? I’m sure of it, I can’t be the only one, being so unique that it is only me who enjoys their time off to the max. I know for a fact that I’m not. We often fever towards something special, something we are so excited about and then it comes and goes way too fast. I already know that this time will not be different, but for now however, I will stay anchored in the pre excitement, the journey that lies ahead and the know of returning enriched with memories that will last a lifetime. Mountains or oceanside remains the big secret as far as revealing the destination in a blog post. I am excited to say the least, albeit knowing that I have family from Germany in the area visiting Las Vegas and New York. I would have loved to visit, but several things fell through in the end to materialize this plan from making it happen. I know they will have a blast and party, after all there is a reason they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. And I know I will enjoy the solitude and silence to nurture my tired soul. The Vegas slogan has become a favorite saying at my Tooth-Fairies office and who would have thought that dentist visits could be so much fun. I’m afraid I’m an accomplice by now and all secrets will have to rest with me until eternity.

I’m planning on bringing the war bonnet, even though there be hardly any reason to wear it other than from an art and photographic point of view. My time away will be peaceful and I look forward to an escape from reality. I’m pretty much packed and surely I’m well prepared for every kind of scenario. What I’m trying to say is that I packed way too much…again. 75% of what I usually pack returns back home untouched, but hey got to have it, right ladies? I have been seriously contemplating a thru hike lately and have an amazing friend that continues to inspire me to do so. I will definitively have to learn to pack lighter as those packs easily weigh 50-60 lbs and even more for others. I’m thinking of what my personal goal would be here and believe me it does get heavy lugging the pack all day, up and down the mountains. We almost did a four day trek this time, but honestly I need to ease back into it after the absence caused by the crazy holidays and given that my last vacation was in 2015. I’m tired and I need reconditioning. 

2017 will be a year of choices, a year to make changes, a year to jump off of the hamster wheel and a year to chase my own stars. To take my health into my own hands, to train and get into the best shape possible to chase some of those dreams. There is not a day to waste in living my “Dash” and with that I know that I will have to step back a bit from WordPress. It’s not that my time spend on here could ever be a waste of time to me, as it gives me purpose to connect with you, but I do know that it also requires a lot of my time. Time I don’t always have. I will get a taste of it during my upcoming four day adventure as I’m still planning to post, but entries will have to be short and for sure lack the often in depth nature of my posts when it comes to sharing my personal journey. 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. 

Xoxoxoxo ❤️

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A sweet day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s a lovers holiday that is either loved or dreaded.

Dominated by the color of red and pink, hearts, flowers and chocolates, red has always been the color of love for me. Red is hot, red is fierce and well, somewhat dominating. Red demands attention as it draws all eyes to be fixed on you and you just can’t avoid getting noticed. The pop of color stands out against all others and requires the right amount of confidence and sass. And a red lip on top of hit seals the deal and you are unstoppable. I think confidence is attractive and beautiful, a great quality when kept in the right proportions. Far far away from arrogance and ignorance which are deal breakers in my book.  

I heard people say that red does not look good on them and I agree that red is probably not as easy to wear as most other colors. On the other hand and when it comes to me, people have always complimented me when I wear red. Perhaps it has to do with my complexion, color of hair or having enough confidence to wear it. I’m not sure and I don’t analyze it, I just like to wear it. 

I had a date with the Tooth-Fairy today and in honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a little surprise for her and her wonderful staff. Tiramisu…in the form of my first Mason Jar Project. It turned out delicious and I will definitely do it again even though it requires a bit of work. It was mostly due to the presentation I had chosen which included lots of red and hearts. I think it was a hit and today was a sweet day as I got to deliver my sweet treat. And yes you guessed right and I did get to wear red today 😉

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Find your passion, your voice and be heard

I recently received another Blogger award and I always find it hard to believe that I was nominated. To be surprised in such a beautiful way and considered worthy, how awesome is that….thank you ❤️.

This is my third award and it remains a great honor when somebody sees some kind of value in your words and what you have to say. Ultimately, I think it’s the greatest compliment you could ever receive. The gift of time and taking a moment to let somebody know that it mattered. As I sit here, arranging the words to this post in the most profound of ways, I find it to be the essence to everything we seek. Not just in writing but life itself. To be acknowledged by others, to find our purpose in what it is that we do, to be ourselves, to be accepted and to contribute so we can “Find our passion, our voice and be heard”.While I still have another nomination pending, one that I haven’t answered because it is more complex in depth, I found the rules of this award relative to what I would want to say to newcomers first starting out. And so it is that today I am answering the call of Jakejournal who nominated me for this award.

Jake is a wonderful writer and his blog is filled with random thoughts of whatever he feels passionate about. He brings inspiration in times of uncertainty and gives the reader something to hold on to, something that deserves to be contemplated and considered. A different opinion that is thought provoking while it is shedding light and a different view on day to day struggles and subjects. Please take a moment and stop by to say hi and indulge yourself in the wisdom of an old soul.

If you want to participate in the Blogger Recognition Award, here are a few simple rules:
1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post showing your award.

3. Tell a brief story about how you started your blog.

4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

5. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate.

6. Comment on each blog letting them know they’ve been nominated.
How it all began, including all its various reasons

What took the longest was deciding on the name of my blog. I wanted it to have meaning, be a reflection of who I am and what compelled me to start writing.
Rhapsody – An effusively, enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling (there was a need for much to be said)
Boheme – Resembling my passion for simplicity and a free spirited life. The gypsy way of the wanderer, the freedom of being in touch with nature, a person that seeks a life without time restraints and who is not afraid to be unique and different.

It was a multitude of reasons why and how this blog got started and you might discover some of the same reasons. Initially it was an outlet, to empty the contents of my mind that was seemingly overflowing into something other than my art. I had much to say and I had to find a way to let these words flow from my mind. I started to write. For myself mostly and much like a journal, even though I hope to put this journey into a book someday.
It was also a bit of a challenge with English being my second language and I can’t really pinpoint the reasons as to why it meant so much that I wanted to do well in writing in a foreign language. I guess I set myself a goal.

Battling a few storms in my life, I realized that we all have something in common. We all have something to say and we all become experts in giving advice. I found others on the sidelines, going with the flow rather than to go against the grain, even if that meant unhappiness. For whatever personal reason, I noticed many suffer in silence while being alone, afraid to speak up or take action. Accepting that this was all there was to life as if their happiness was dependent on others. I’m not a rebel but I am a warrior. I wanted to be a voice for the silent, a light post to hold on to, to instill the feeling of not being alone and that you can change your stars at any time. So I began to write my story and it was the em-path side in me that wanted to help and perhaps shed a tiny shred of inspiration here and there. I would have achieved what I set out to do if these words made a difference for only one person. It remains the very essence that keeps me going.

Advice for new bloggers
It hasn’t been all that long ago that I was new here just like you. You may not know where to start and what to say, your posts might be out of order and much will be trial and error as you develop your skill. I look back at my older posts (the beginning) and I wonder how somebody ever wanted to read it. You will have to get used to being your hardest critic and it’s ok and even healthy as it will keep you striving to get better. And you will, so don’t get discouraged and stop correcting your post a million times like I did. You will only get discouraged and may stop all together. Don’t let that be you and let your words stand for what they are, flaws and all to show your progress as you look back. Be yourself, and what I mean with that is to follow your heart. Do what grabs you instead of catering to likes and the expectations of others. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to have passion and come from your heart. Be authentic and remember your mission, why you started this blog. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, the world needs more of it, so keep it real. No pretending or hiding behind some BS that is not you.
You are special, one in a million, a unique you, who has so much to give and share to those willing to take the time, the time for you to finally be heard. So find your passion, your voice and be heard. Tap into the magic and enjoy the ride as you connect with like minded people. People you have never met, but people who will show you a deeper and closer connection than perhaps those next to you.

My Nominees are in no particular order. It is hard to mention everybody, and while there are so so so many more talented writers I’m lucky to have crossed paths with, I will mention new nominees the next time around and love you all.