Color splash

As this adventure has ended, the memories will stay with me for a lifetime. I know like always I will have my times to reflect back to the many special moments that simply took my breath away, even if that was in the literal sense at times. And about those moments, I will remember the few places, scenic and beautiful, wild and breathtaking that you can actually drive up to it’s footsteps. Most places like these are rare and have to be earned like a sweet reward that doesn’t come without putting in the work.

For now I’m back at home, back to work tomorrow and there is also another eight day snow forecast in the nearby future starting this Friday. After all that groundhog did saw his shadow, so I shouldn’t be surprised, right? But in the meantime, here is another shot from the trip until I can put the stories together. And these one was a beautiful marvel you actually can drive up to with minimum effort required. 


2 thoughts on “Color splash

    1. Thank you Colin, so nice to see you and I myself have some catching up to do. I bet life is busy with the little one now and has changed all together. In a wonderful way and I can’t wait to read all about your recent adventures. Many hugs and much love to you. Xo


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